Guild War/ Kingdom War

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After a gentle rest and an early rise, I am before you again channeling brainwaves of thought into words. It has been a tiring few days, as my swords have been rather busy battling these thieves attempting to loot my thoughts and ideas. Paraphrasing sections of my blog and then quickly claiming they never read it, when it is truth that in order to have written what they wrote they had to have read my blog. But I am moving away from that idle chatter. One great thing about having issues with people online is you quickly get over it.


It almost slipped my mind the other day as I was leveling up my 209 God character, but I did not share with the community my experience during my first Guild War and Kingdom War. Both of these events were not what I expected. I have a knack for allowing my imagination to get the best of me. I pictured the rough grass of Azran swaying in the restless breeze. I envisioned my guild, Shield, lining up in a single row of warriors as the guild leader, dumptires, road down the line to prepare us for war. A voice roared through the air, “We ride today not for freedom of men, not to save the lives of the weak, but for each other, for Shield!” It was straight out of Lord of the Rings and my adrenaline surged beyond control. Suddenly I was warped into a small area and the Guild War was on. Talk about disappointment. It wasn’t more than ten minutes (if that) and it was over. Our enemies lay ruined before our feet, suffering the embarrassment of an overwhelming defeat. The only thing that was panning through my mind was why I thought it was a brilliant idea to arrive at work 4 hours later than I was scheduled so that I could attend the Guild War.



The above image was taken as we finished our quick battle with Heroes. They fought courageously, but Shield overwhelmingly dominated the entire Guild War.


Time was slowly ticking away and I was concerned that Kingdom War was going to be just as messy, but just as easy. However, my assumption was completely incorrect. Kingdom War kicked off with the game music changing into a low rumble. The hair on the back of my neck began to stand up as the next wave of adrenaline entered my body. With my Dragon Wing Axes ready for action, I charged into a group of Celestials and……….died instantly. haha If my ice fairy could talk, I’m sure it would be saying I was an idiot for charging into a group of Celestials, but nonetheless, it was a lot of fun. Luckily dumptires gave me potion that increased my hp by 1,000. It sure did come in handy many many many times over.





It was a fun and exciting day to say the least, despite the occassional boredom. The last picture displayed is rather interesting. Apparently somebody from above was looking out for me, as the white light parted the darkness of the lands and shown brightly on my armor, blessing it. I proudly stood on the alter as my foes struggled to retake their server. But their fight was not enough and TheBalance won Kingdom War with the help of Shield.


Anyway, moving away from the current topic, I guess I will post a picture of my “uniform” from last year. I worked for the police department and we had to wear this uniform when patrolling around our assigned area. We were pretty much security for the police department. Whenever we had an issue, we contacted dispatch and they relayed our information to a police officer. He/she would then respond and help us out. I would have posted a current picture, but my job does not require me to wear a uniform. I wear whatever I want. Perks of being a supervisor 🙂


And I tag Azmon, Default, and Alia. Post your pics guys and dolls! 🙂


Initiate Pants

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             After a full week of anticipating the announcement of the weekly topic winners, I was shocked when I read my name. The only thought that entered my mind was one that would require some more attention. I knew from the guidelines that I would receive 20 Lak powders and a god armor piece of my choice, perfect options. But I did not know what kind of options I wanted or even what piece of armor I wanted to obtain.

            Currently, I am a TransKnight, but I have been thinking about switching to MagicKnight, as it appears they have more attack power. However, I love the “tanking” ability of the TransKnight. Therefore, I decided what I wanted from CM Dhar. I e-mailed him immediately after I knew and told him that I wanted the following:


Initiate Pants+0

30 Dmg Inc

7.0 Critical


No sooner than I requested the piece of god armor, my reward came knocking at my door. I immediately looked at the armor and was satisfied. But I ran into another problem. I had 20 Lak powders that would be useful for refining from +6 to +9, but I did not have any Ori powders to refine from +0 to +6. I scrambled right away to server 1 in the attempt to buy Ori powders. I disregarded price and bought Ori powders for 1.4 million each. I failed from +5 to +6, so I needed to get at least one more Ori powder. I searched all over and finally found an auto-shop that was selling Ori powders for 1 million each. I cringed because I bought the other Ori powders for a much higher price, but I didn’t care. I bought all of them and refined my Initiate Pants to +7.

            Now, I knew the tricky part, well, the hard part, was going to be refining my armor to +9. I dropped the first Lak powder on my pants and it was a success. I quickly dropped the second and it failed. Then the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and finally the tenth was successful. Phew, only 10 more Laks left and I needed one more successful refining to +9. I dropped the eleventh Lak powder on my Initiate Pants and it failed, then the twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, and finally the fifteenth was successful. So there you have it. I finally have my Initiate Pants+9. And to make it even better, I have 5 Lak powders left over. Hopefully they will be useful for the next time I need to fate armor or weapons.

            I want to share with you guys a trick that I have been using since SupremeDestiny. It is a trick that includes timing, but will definitely help when you need to refine armor or weapons. It appears that most of the time you will not succeed in refining from +5 to +6, which is okay. On god weapons, it may take you another 4-5 Ori Powders to refine from +5 to +6 after you failed once. However, with armor, it is a little different most of the time. When you fail, drop another Ori powder on the armor and when it succeeds in refining, quickly drop a Lak powder on the armor. Wait for about 2.1 seconds, and drop another Lak powder. Continue this process until you have refined your armor or weapon to +9. Remember, you have a higher percentage of probability to succeed when you drop Ori powders and Lak powders on weapons and armors continuously, as aside from dropping them when you randomly obtain one. Try it out and report back if this system works for you. Maybe you have a better system that works. Please share it as it would definitely help the people that are new to the game.


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I’m trapped as an adult in a world full of little kids. It isn’t often that intellectual thoughts of expression are formulated in such a style that radiates into the minds of others, or in this circumstance, the blogs of others. I’ve been accused of being a provoker, a lair, a cheater, and I have seen the “internet finger” more than once. But through all the idle chatter, one fact remains…I am an influencer. Simply reading is not enough in these harsh times. Gathering the facts of distorted truth must first begin by dissecting the rubble of shit that some of you call blogs. I am on the battlefield once again; my arms strung high as the wrath of my sword slices through the masquerade of innocence. I am the barer of truth and the formulator of justice. I will be heard and the truth will set me free.


            Let the dissection begin!


Posted September 11, 2008 by Caligstar


I am beginning to believe the WYDian Journal event is losing its appeal. There are too many illusions that glorify unrealistic outcomes.


Posted September 12, 2008 by MSTR-FOEMA


Well it simply looks like we are talking and they are not listening, journal event is starting to become a good event goin bad


Posted September 11, 2008 by Caligstar


There are two posters that state two different grand prizes. The first poster detailed a grand prize of an ancient weapon without any stats, and 10 monthly winners. The second poster advertised a grand prize of an ancient weapon with stats, and 5 monthly winners. I had the ancient weapon issue clarified by CM Dhar last night and he assured me that the ten/five lucky winners would receive an ancient weapon with stats


Posted September 12, 2008 by MSTR-FOEMA

Recently I blogged about this and CM Dhar told me not to worry about the statless crap on the main website and the rules were the one on the CMs Blog and I was like WOOT thx Dhar, what a relief…


Posted September 12, 2008 by Caligstar


Caligstar: There has been a lot of speculation about the ancient weapon Dhar. Can you clear this issue up for the community. Will the winners receive and ancient weapon with perfect stats or without?

CM Dhar: Okay. Since the poster is not updated, this is what the final prize will be; a +9 ancient weapon without stats and 200 million gold. Instead of having 5 winners, there will be 10. That is what my boss, Sexy, wants.

Caligstar: Who is your boss?

CM Dhar: There will be 2 weekly winners, one for each topic. My boss is GM Helius, or Sexy. In addition, there will be up to 5 daily winners in each category.


Posted September 13, 2008 by MSTR-FOEMA


Okay fellow bloggers your favorite CM Dhar made it clear, it came from “above” as people of higher authorities decided to be cruel to us by making cruel modifications to the contest and denying us of our dream weapons…



Gee, I wonder where he read that CM Dhar made it clear that his boss told him no ancient weapon with stats. What a coincidence that MSTR-FOEMA’s response to the ancient weapon came a day after my blog was originally posted. I want everybody to be crystal clear that I never accused him of copying word for word my blog. What I did ask him to stop doing was paraphrasing my blog, or specifically taking certain segments of my blog and writing on it. The ideas are not his own, they are taken from my blog, as you can clearly see. I was not about to copy and paste everything, but that gives you an idea of what I have been recently annoyed with.


Guild mate or not, I don’t tolerate plagiarism without giving due acknowledgement to the person with the original idea or thought. When you grow up MSTR-FOEMA and attend college, they will teach you about plagiarism. Until then, I will keep schooling you myself. And to the CMs that continuously hand out awards for this junk you are partially to blame for this behavior. Remember, quality, not quantity is what matters most.


But before I forget, I want to address one other person that apparently does not mind paraphrasing my blogs. Soloran at least admits he’s paraphrasing and he did attempt to give me credit for my ideas, but he received an award for merely regurgitating my ideas into his own words. Congrats. And congrats to MSTR-FOEMA for winning so many days in a row by occasionally doing the same. What a wonderful event that rewards plagiarism and unoriginal thoughts.


And to end this blog, I want to mention that if I, or MSTR-FOEMA, win the daily event in any category, all hope will be lost for this event, as both his and my blogs today have absolutely NOTHING to do with WYD Global as a game.


Thank you  


Favorite GM and CM

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           Guy walks up to me and says hello. I say hello back and then he proceeds to ask me who my favorite GM is. I look at the guy awkwardly and respond by asking him who the GMs are. He looks at my confused and ignores my statement, immediately pressing me to answer the next question he so eagerly wants to ask. I stand there for a minute as he’s staring at me. Is this bloke trying to make me feel dumb? I am ready to punch him in his mouth, but I hesitate before asking him what a CM is. He laughs, turns around, and walks away.

            Unfortunately, I have never had the opportunity to speak with a GM on a personal level. I don’t recall ever seeing a GM in WYD Global except for GM Loki, due to having to organize and maintain the Academy League event. If I had to be selective with what GM is my favorite, I would have to choose GM Loki because he is the only one that makes his presence felt by the majority of WYD Global. After the Academy League event today, he briefly said hello to the Global Academy and wished us a great day before suddenly vanishing in thin air. I understand the GMs are busy with more technical areas of the game, but it is unfortunate they do not make themselves more available to the players via the game. They are great resources of knowledge that could definitely be utilized by everybody. I only see it being beneficial if they interacted with the community more than they currently do. GM Loki’s costume is impressive as well. He looks like a stripper on his good days and a drag queen on the bad days. Ha!

Bringing this down a notch, I have to continue this conversation in the opposite direction. I feel it is my obligation to the community to call out a GM that I do not think has the community’s best interest in mind. GM Helius is not on my list of likeable GMs. GM Helius has disrespected the community by refusing to make an appearance before us all to explain why he has disregarded the advice of CM Dhar to promote a grand prize of an ancient weapon with perfect stats. For those of you that missed it the first time, the ten winners of the month will not be receiving an ancient weapon with perfect stats. You will receive an ancient weapon without stats. Now the question remains of whether or not it is worth the continuation of blogging if all your hard work will account for little when the final moment arrives. I suggest everybody write GM Helius and demand that he change the status of his decision regarding the ancient weapon. We all want an ancient weapon of our choice with perfect options. We are not blogging everyday for an item that everybody in the game has access to. We are different and we deserve different!

Moving away from GMs, I want to complete my blog by explaining why CM Dhar is my favorite CM. But first I want to mention that CM Nyx, CM Aruman, and CM Tonberry are all great CMs as well. Unfortunately, we have not seen them in quite a while, but they have always been extremely helpful with answering the community’s questions when they appear..

           CM Dhar always has the community’s best interest in mind. Throughout these last few months, he has worked hard to gain the support of the community with each new event he unfolds. The large number of participates during these events further proves the value of CM Dhar’s dedication. He is definitely accelerating to the top of everybody’s list of most likeable CM. However, there are two major attributes that CM Dhar possesses that distinguishes him from the rest, he is honest and understanding. The combination of these two characteristics enables him to be subjective during events and non-judgmental during times of constructive criticism by the community. I had the privilege of interviewing CM Dhar today where he displayed these attributes genuinely. It was as follows:




Caligstar: Thank you for taking this time for me to interview you Dhar.

CM Dhar: np thank you too

Caligstar: The first thing I’d like to ask is what the future of the WYDian Journal will entail? In other words how do you see it progressing and becoming better with each new season?

CM Dhar: I think the bloggers will gradually begin to decrease, and I am sad to hear that. And I might also cut season 2 down so that it lasts until September 30th instead of October 28th.

Caligstar: Why do you believe that the amount of bloggers will decrease?

CM Dhar: Well that’s what is happening right now. Notice the decrease of daily winners.

Caligstar: There has been a lot of speculation about the ancient weapon Dhar. Can you clear this issue up for the community. Will the winners receive and ancient weapon with perfect stats or without?

CM Dhar: Okay. Since the poster is not updated, this is what the final prize will be; a +9 ancient weapon without stats and 200 million gold. Instead of having 5 winners, there will be 10. That is what my boss, Sexy, wants.

Caligstar: Who is your boss?

CM Dhar: There will be 2 weekly winners, one for each topic. My boss is GM Helius, or Sexy. In addition, there will be up to 5 daily winners in each category.

Caligstar: Thank you for clearing that up Dhar. Now, let us move away from the journal event. How did you become a CM for WYD Global?

CM Dhar: Actually, I applied for some customer service position. After my training, I was informed that I was going to become a GM. But I proposed the community program, or the appointment of community managers.

Caligstar: Do you regret your decision?

CM Dhar: No I don’t. Okay, let me continue. My boss liked the idea. They knew the importance of a CM in-game. As we all know, almost all MMORPGs have a CM, so why not WYD Global? Okay done xD

Caligstar: So in your opinion Dhar, what do you think WYD Global lacks compared to other games out there?

CM Dhar: As we all know the game is very old. I am very sad to say that WYD Global lacks communication features. There isn’t any friend’s list or guild’s list to see your comrades online.

Norf: I like your interview Calig. It’s actually very good.

Caligstar: Is there anything in the works to improve that?

CM Dhar: It’s all up to the developers. Lemme continue. Aside from that, I believe that WYD Global has the best customer support and community relations than any free MMORPG.

Caligstar: I have to agree. Moving on, if you had one thing that you could change Dhar, to make WYD Global better, what would it be and why?

CM Dhar: Hmm. I think I would change the game by making more character customization features available. As we all know, WYD Global does not allow players to customize their characters. For example: You cannot choose gender, hair color, style of face, etc. There are a lot of twins in the game. Besides that, I want to include all the player’s demands.

Caligstar: Dhar, lately your events have become the center of a lot of attention. Many people love the events and what you bring to the table. Can you give us an insight of what to expect in future events?

CM Dhar: Oh future events. I will answer in a minute. I have to go use the toilet.

Caligstar: Well there you have it guys and dolls, the man has to poop! Ha! Sure, we will wait for you.

CM Dhar: Okay, future events. There will be some sort of social networking event coming soon. Have you guys heard of Friendster? We will be having an event with that site, similar to the BUDDIES event, but a little different. Every week I will ask something in my profile. And the player who puts the best testimonial for me will win.

Caligstar: That sounds interesting.

CM Dhar: Convince your guild to make a group in Friendster because they will also be able to participate as a guild.

Caligstar: Dhar, as a CM, what do you feel is your most valuable responsibility/obligation to the community?

Norf: Wtfs obligation mean?

Caligstar: Go look it up in a dictionary newb! Haha

Norf: lol kkkk

CM Dhar: My biggest responsibility is to listen to the community and inform. And you can help that process by playing the game fairly and helping the players that need help.

Caligstar: Okay Dhar, I know you are busy, so here is the last question. Many of the dolls in the game are dying to know if you are single.

CM Dhar: I am. I just broke up with my ex a year and a half ago.


         Well there you have it guys and dolls, CM Dhar handing down the truth behind the WYDian Journal event and what is in store for us all in future events. Thank you again for your time Dhar. I hope you all enjoyed the interview and hopefully now understand why CM Dhar is the best CM! But before I close this blog, I want to share with you one last reason why CM Dhar is an awesome CM. He is always in such a big rush to formulate new ideas for events and be there for the community that sometimes he forgets to put the same pair of shoes on! Ha! Btw Dhar, you should start eating more veggies man, you’re starting to look a little pink. Hahahaha =)




WYDian Journal Event

•September 11, 2008 • 4 Comments

I am beginning to believe the WYDian Journal event is losing its appeal. There are too many illusions that glorify unrealistic outcomes. This entire time I have not made any statement regarding such false advertising, but when I saw the winning entries today I was convinced that even the CMs cannot follow their own simple guidelines. I have a lot of questions, most of which probably will be met with an excuse instead of accountability.

Before I am challenged or questioned about the nature of winning, I want to assure everybody that winning is not everything. The entire purpose of participating in any event should always be to have fun. But the fun has been taken out of this event for many reasons, which I will go into detail now.

The rules/guidelines of this event were not organized from the beginning. There are two posters that state two different grand prizes. The first poster detailed a grand prize of an ancient weapon without any stats, and 10 monthly winners. The second poster advertised a grand prize of an ancient weapon with stats, and 5 monthly winners. I had the ancient weapon issue clarified by CM Dhar last night and he assured me that the ten/five lucky winners would receive an ancient weapon with stats, but how many winners will be selected? So why am I bickering about this issue? Because I am making a case that the guidelines aren’t being met.

 The first problem I see with the daily winners is that it’s not consistent with what the guidelines state. The guidelines specifically state “We will only be selecting FIVE Winning blog entries for the day that will win 5 Laktorerium powders.” In addition, the guidelines go on to state, “And another FIVE for the Daily ‘Outstanding Blogs’ that will receive 10 Laktorerium powders.” These statements within the guidelines have been proven to be false. Over the last week and a half, there haven’t been FIVE winners on a consistent basis.


September 2:

4 Outstanding Blog Entry Winners

3 Daily Blog Winners


September 3

4 Outstanding Blog Entry Winners

4 Daily Blog Winners


September 4

5 Outstanding Blog Entry Winners

5 Daily Blog Winners


September 5

4 Outstanding Blog Entry Winners

3 Daily Blog Winners


September 6

5 Outstanding Blog Entry Winners

4 Daily Blog Winners


September 7

4 Outstanding Blog Entry Winners

5 Daily Blog Winners


September 8

3 Outstanding Blog Entry Winners

3 Daily Blog Winners


September 9

3 Outstanding Blog Entry Winners

3 Daily Blog Winners


September 10

4 Outstanding Blog Entry Winners

4 Daily Blog Winners


Selecting FIVE winners in each category is never completed on a consistent basis. So why advertise FIVE lucky winners when that’s false? My issue with this is the fact that there are many bloggers out there that do their best and they still don’t have a chance in hell to win because the CMs are consistently not selecting the amount of blogs to win as they said they would. Each of you that win everyday might not worry about this issue, but place yourself in the shoes of those that do their best and still cannot win because only THREE blogs are selected, or FOUR blogs are selected. That would get extremely frustrating if I were in that situation. I don’t think it’s fair to everybody when this happens.


Now, CMs may argue that there just aren’t any good blogs worth selecting, so they only select three. I understand that argument and agree that only the best should be taken into consideration. But if there aren’t FIVE to select, then the guidelines should be changed to state, “We will only be selecting UP TO FIVE Winning blog entries for the day that will win 5 Laktorerium powders.” In addition, “And up to another FIVE for the Daily ‘Outstanding Blogs’ that will receive 10 Laktorerium powders.” By writing the guidelines in this manner, it simply states that there will only be a maximum of five winners in each category, not necessarily a definite five winners.


The second problem with this event is the details surrounding the weekly topic. Unfortunately, many of us assumed that the weekly topic was meant to win the weekly prize. That has been proven to be false. The weekly topic can also be used to win the daily blog entry. However, is this fair to you and me? No, it’s not fair at all, and here is why. Let us propose that you write about the weekly topic and submit it for the daily blog entry. Turns out, you won the outstanding blog entry for the day based on the weekly topic. A week later, you don’t win the weekly topic because somebody else won. Now there is a conflict of interest because you won the daily blog entry with that topic, why wouldn’t you win the weekly prize too? Let us extend this situation and flip it around. The person who won the weekly prize is questioning why he/she did not win the daily outstanding blog entry with the same topic. In either case, both would have to win each prize in order to satisfy any problems later on. But is that fair to another person who might have had a better blog than just listing 101 things that they liked about the game? What if that person wrote something with more substance and didn’t win? That’s not fair at all.


It is important to keep the two separated and I strongly suggest we enforce this. The weekly topic is meant to win the weekly prize, not the daily prize. Why waste time writing a weekly topic when that topic can win a daily prize too? It ceases to be a weekly topic now doesn’t it. In addition, why say there will be ONE weekly winner when there are actually TWO weekly winners, one for each topic. The guidelines should clarify this issue as well. The last issue with the weekly topic is the nature of the topics. Last week one of the topics was “What you learned from last season”. How is a new comer to the WYDian Journal Event going to write on a topic that has no relevance to him/her? That’s unfair to that person because they can’t write about a topic like that if they didn’t participate last season. In addition, one of this week’s topics is “What CM and GM do you like best?” How on Earth can I type about a topic like this if I have never had the opportunity to speak to the GMs? This poses a problem. Here is why.


Let us say that I do my absolute best to write on the topic “Which CM and GM do you like best”. Unfortunately, I have to make up some things about the GM part because I never met a GM. But let us say that my competition has spoken to a few GMs before. So they write about who they like the best. If they do not win, seeing as they have spoken to a GM a lot and I haven’t, I would be extremely upset if I were in their shoes. And if I won, I would feel like it wasn’t really fair because my blog wasn’t legit. I had to make something up where as somebody else might have been truthful in their blog, which deserves the win. CMs need to make topics that are fair and relevant to the players. These topics that we are receiving are not always fair and in the best interest of the bloggers. I hope that these issues will be cleared up so that the event stays fun throughout the entire second season, and so that we have a correct set of guidelines to follow so it doesn’t appear that CMs are making up rules as we go along.


And I want to strongly emphasize that my blog is not an attack on anybody. I am simply stating what I see and how it has been interpreted by others and myself.



My Frustrations

•September 10, 2008 • 2 Comments

             Today ladies and gentlemen is a very sad day. I cried for two hours straight when I realized what happened. My tears carved rivers of wrinkles on my plump cheeks. How could this happen to me, again? The first time it happened, I cried for five hours straight. The tears would not stop flowing. I had to evacuate my room because the water was waste high from my tear drops. Eventually I had to evacuate from my house due to the massive flooding. I guess by now you’re wondering what could be so bad that would make a grown man cry for hours. Well, I left auto-attack on last night while I slept, you know, hoping to level up and gather awesome drops. But when I woke up this morning, my character was stuck in a glitch. First he would move from the mobs and then out of nowhere, he was standing in thin air. He kept moving back and forth in this manner until I warped back to town. I’m assuming this was going on the entire night because I had ZERO drops and my character did not level up at all.

            Okay, so I was kidding about the first part when I stated that I was crying. But my level of frustration right now is high. This has happened to me a lot. And it usually only happens when I leave auto-attack on in combination with the auto-move (circular one). It is a glitch in the game and it needs to be fixed ASAP! I cannot tell you a worse feeling than knowing that a full night’s worth of time was disappointedly wasted. No awesome drops and no leveling my God character. Sigh. But my level of frustration includes other things that really irk me.

            Why on Earth have agmo(enter name here) of anything if it’s going to drop WORSE items than what you can buy directly from the NPC? I was agmo hunting shortly after I found that glitch and every single drop I received from the agmo was crap! I remember so long ago when agmo were extremely difficult to kill. But if you were successful in killing one, you would be rewarded with items that were astounding. What do I refer to as astounding you ask? Astounding to me is receiving a drop that is equivalent to something you could receive from the gamble system on Neil.

Not everybody can afford wcoins. Therefore, not everybody can participate in the gamble system that wcoins incorporates. I suggest a solution that to that problem. Why not have agmo mobs be 3x as hard to kill (increase their inflicting damage as well as their defense) and drop awesome items? And maybe once a month, some lucky person could receive an ancient God weapon with the best stats? At least give the rest of the community an opportunity to receive items that are not event related or Neil producing. If that cannot be done, at least give better drops after countless hours of hunting. The drops are horrible most of the time. I usually NPC the items I receive because I know it would not be worth my time to sell at an auto-shop. They are pot money as far as I am concerned.

Now that I am on the subject of Neil, let me talk a little more about this guy and the items he sells. I am convinced that most of the items that Neil sells are overpriced. I am also convinced that if he were to lower the prices of everything he sells just a little more, he would have a greater probability of selling MORE items. I understand that WYD Global is a game that seeks to make money, which is evident with most games. However, a business (which WYD Global is) should never make its customers feel like they got duped when it came to buying items. I am a wcoins buyer and to date, I have spent over two-hundred dollars on wcoins. But each time I leave Neil, I feel like I really didn’t get my money’s worth in what I bought. The money vanishes too quickly. Again, I understand that the point is to continuously make people buy wcoins, which I’m sure is used to help support the game and keep it running, but better deals throughout Neil’s entire selection would be much more appreciated.

            One thing that I believe Neil should stop selling are froggy swords and horses that require no food. I never understood why the game would undermine so many other weapons out there by giving newbies froggy swords that are so much more powerful than even some of the last weapons for mortals+0. That does not make a bit of sense to me. In addition, what mutated horse does not require food? Let us be a little more realistic. I understand that these horses are great for newbies that do not understand from the start the concept of food, but how newbie can you really be? You have to eat in real life, so I am hoping that one would assume that your animal must eat as well. My biggest complaint is that it kills Kingdom War and Guild War. When you have a high level with 500000 pots and NO food because the mount does not require it, it kind of makes the idea of wars useless. What is next, no more hp because everybody is invincible too? Lol Lets us get rid of the horses that require no food.

            These are my frustrations for the day and the week. They are not the first and they surely will not be the last. But thanks for reading!

A Knight’s Tale: Chapter 4

•September 9, 2008 • 5 Comments

Withy My Destiny:


            Back at SultanJohor’s lair, the training immediately started. Déjà vu hit my body with full force. I was bloodied from the dragon and I was broken, yet again, from the sparing with SultanJohor. A deep cut in my leg caused me excruciating pain, but I knew that I had to fulfill my destiny. We raged war on each other for days, until both of our bodies were drained of energy. My elevation skill reigned supreme if it was carefully used. But SultanJohor’s combat sensibility proved to be far more superior most of the time.


            “Thou cannot take anymore SultanJohor. Thy body is shattered”, I pleaded.

            “Aye young sir, but now I will teach thee the skills of trans”, he replied.


            We both sat down next to a small fire while he began telling me the ways of trans.


            “Thou must earn thy special skills young sir. Thou cannot pay any man or beast for thy skills, but rather harness thy strength within thee. Tis important to prove to thy self that ye is worthy of thy skills”, SultanJohor explained.


            Weeks passed and I was making great progress in my fighting and technique. I learned every trans skill that SultanJohor offered to teach me how to harness. However, there was still one skill that would take many more months to learn, critical armor. This skill was unlike most skills used by TransKnights. In the truest form, it was passive. I was unsure how to harness anymore energy from my body, but it had to be done. And SultanJohor knew exactly how to harness such energy needed.


            “Get out!”, yelled SultanJohor.

            “But but, thou art not done teaching thy skills”, I said.

            “Thou has taken too long to learn thy last skill. Ye is not a true TransKnight. Thou must not waste anymore of thy time”, he explained.


            I refused to leave. I didn’t go through hell for six months to give up now. I couldn’t, I wouldn’t. SultanJohor’s eyes began glowing with a tint of white. I knew he was buffing himself for one final battle. I wasn’t going to walk away from this. No way would I let him push me around. I didn’t know how far he was willing to take this, but I was willing to fight until death. I buffed myself and prepared for the battle.


            “Thou will be ripped to shreds for disobeying thy command”, he said.

            “Nay, thou will feel my wrath once and for all”, I replied.


            No sooner than the last words left my mouth, SultanJohor’s deadly strike knocked me to the ground. He immediately rushed toward me to attack me again, but I elevated before he could. My combat sensibility heightened my senses and I landed two hits to SultanJohor. The battle pursued for hours, until SultanJohor decided it was over. Buffing to full capacity, he attacked me with everything he had. It didn’t take long and I was on the ground, unable to move. I felt frozen in time, my mind drifting into unconsciousness. One last hit was all it took and my body was on the verge of death. He slowly began walking away, leaving me to die on the cold chamber floor that was his lair.


            “This is it? That is all you have to give? Weak! Where is the power within you that will destroy your enemies?” an unknown voiced asked.

            “Thou does not know how. Thy energy is drained”, I said back.

            “Think of what all your enemies have done to you. Think of the pain they have caused you and many others”, the voice stated.


            I was not sure who this voice was. He spoke with a dialect unknown to me. Should I trust him? What did I have to lose? I started thinking about the day the spear entered my body. It didn’t make sense to me. After all these months, I never thought about it in depth. But it didn’t add up. I was standing on the lands of Azran fighting my foe when a spear from the left impaled my body. The images of that day started racing faster and faster before me until the face of the unknown appeared. CM Dhar!!! It was CM Dhar that attacked me from the side. But why?

            Energy flowed into my body at an astonishing rate. I rose to my feet, fully healed and with more power than I could ever imagine. An aura of life rejuvenated my body. The cut on my leg disappeared and my strength too had been increased. I knew what I had to do. I found my unicorn and rode him to the north as fast as he could run. It took days before reaching CM Dhar’s outpost, but nobody was around. I slowly walked inside his lair when I heard his voice from behind.


            “Ye has come back to fight me I sense! Ye can never overcome thy power. Thou is the strongest celestial in all these lands”, CM Dhar said.

            “Ye will pay for thy trechery”, I said.

            “Thou will die just as easily as ye ancestors and thy guild”, he said.


            And with that, rage flooded my veins. I buffed myself to full capacity, extending my power further than SultanJohor’s.


            “Thou has been training. But thou is still no match for thy strength”, he said.


            I slowly walked toward my unicorn and unveiled my ancient Dragon Wing Axes from a small pouch on his saddle. CM Dhar’s appearance changed ever so slightly as he knew this would not be an easy battle after all. He buffed himself and I could sense he was stronger than me, but that didn’t deter me from wanting to clench his life source away from his body.

            He quickly attacked me, sending me flying across a small pasture. I slowly got up, shaken from being caught off guard. He was coming at me again, but this time I swung my axes. They overpowered his attack and sliced cut his arm.


            “ARRRRRGG! Thou will pay for thy cuts”, he exclaimed.


            I escaped his attacks again, barely making it to my unicorn. I mounted my unicorn and I could feel my power increase even more. The fighting waged on as we both fought with everything we had. Dusk was setting in and I knew this fight had to end soon or all hope would be lost. As I made me way toward CM Dhar, one last attack in mind, I was knocked off my unicorn. CM Nyx, CM Aruman, and CM Tonberry appeared from all directions. They raced to their master, CM Dhar, and attached to his soul, making him twice as strong.

            My confidence plummeted and I was convinced the fight would now be lost. But my unicorn helped me to my feet and pushed me to fight on. He would ride to the end with me, and that gave me a sense of reassurance. Dhar quickly buffed and attacked me again and again. I was taking too many hits and barely doing any damage to him. Another hour passed as darkness overcame the lands. My foe and I fought with all the energy we could harness. However, I could sense that my power was decreasing at a steady rate. I looked down at my unicorn and saw blood pouring from his neck and body. He was shielding me from most of the hits from Dhar. I knew he was slowly dying.

            I removed myself from my unicorn and let him drift into the woods. He fought bravely, but I had to fight Dhar on my own now. I attacked Dhar directly and knocked him back from my position. He immediately approached me and unveiled his ancient thron of shards. Our weapons clashed and the sound could be heard for miles. Dhar’s shard caught me and sliced my back from my neck to my waist. It was over. I was defeated. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to stand again after his attack. Blood gushed from my body and I felt weakness overcoming my body.


            “Nay young sir. Ye must continue to fight. Thou must look deep into thy soul to overcome thy enemies”, SultanJohor yelled.

            “SultanJohor?”, I said.

            “Aye young sir. Thou can defeat evil Dhar”, he said.


            I knew what SultanJohor was speaking of. Soul of Limits would be hard to achieve, but I had to find the strength within my soul. I thought about my unicorn and how well he fought. I thought about how he was going to die a useless death if I didn’t defeat Dhar. I would not let Dhar defeat me! I rose to my feet and my hands began shaking. My eyes glared a white luminescent color as my veins bulged from my arms. A bright light blanketed the land as an overwhelming force of strength and power entered my body.


            “What, what is thou doing? How can this be?” asked Dhar.


            Without giving him another moment to speak, I was attacking Dhar. He buffed to full capacity once again and we battled for life. The fight raged on through the night until the sun of dawn reached our glowing eyes. Dhar looked over at the sun for a split second, but it was enough for me to land one last blow with my axe. His body ripped into two as my axe sliced through his purple body.


            “Nay, this cannot be!!!!!”, he shouted.


            It was over. Dhar’s body quivered on the ground….dead. I had defeated my foe and avenged my people. As Dhar’s life force exited his body, SultanJohor and Homax, both of which had been watching the entire time, came forth from the forest. And to my surprise, my unicorn came as well. He was fully healed. Homax had used special potion to heal his wounds and restore his life. The day was complete, my destiny was fulfilled. Peace truly was restored to the lands around Armia. And for you my friend? Well, I cannot say what your destiny is….That must be shaped by you.