Enough Already!

I am going to step out on a limb today because I am becoming increasingly concerned with the fate of the WYDian’s Journal event. More importantly, I am concerned with its current direction. Recently, the top bloggers that won consistently are not writing in their blogs anymore. It is apparent that many bloggers are burned out, or simply stopped writing for the last week. The result of this caught my attention fairly quickly. As I was browsing the winners for the past few days, I noticed a trend that is plaguing the WYDian’s Journal event. I advocated many times in the past that we needed guidelines that prevented this type of trend. What is this trend?


The trend that I have noticed is two-fold. The first trend that caught my attention was bloggers uploading a ridiculous amount of screenshots with a paragraph of writing to either comment about the screenshot or briefly explain it. I am aware that screenshots are an important integration to blogs, but when a blogger has around 10 screenshots per topic submission there is a problem. The problem is laziness. But the bigger issue here is the fact that they are winning 10 Laks for Outstanding Blog Entry of the day. There is NOTHING outstanding with taking more than 3 screenshots, slapping them together, and typing a paragraph out to explain the screenshots. Had that been the case, people like SultanJohor, MSTR-FOEMA, and myself would have been doing that from the beginning. A few screenshots to further enhance an explanation of a topic, or to further emphasize a paragraph of writing, is acceptable. However, the purpose of a journal is to write about ideas, concerns, and topics relating to WYD Global. The event is not WYDian’s Photobucket!!!!!


The second trend that I noticed over the last few days is bloggers “interviewing” people. Before you explode, let me elaborate. There is nothing wrong with constructing a solid blog with writing and then following it up with an interview from a GM, CM, or players. However, what is frustrating is seeing a blog that has multiple days of “interviews”. Yes, meaning a blogger interviewed somebody one day, then another day, then another day. But what is annoying is the fact that they win 10 Laks for Outstanding Blog Entry of the day. One of the expectations from the beginning of this event was that topics written by bloggers could not be redundant. If you want to interview somebody for a blog topic, fine, but doing it two or three days in a row is fricken ridiculous!! If you don’t want to write with creativity, then get the heck out of the event.


I am rather tired of seeing this event crumble to pieces and turn into a joke because of the substandard blog entries and the lousy moderation of the blogs. It’s a slap in the face for people that actually write good blogs to sit by and watch screenshot and interview junkies win everyday when it takes no effort at all to formulate those types of blogs. Had I known that you could win with this junk, I would have saved a lot of my time by simply interviewing a new person each day or uploading hundreds of screenshots. The behaviors now are going to shape the future of this event. The WYDian’s Journal event already has a negative view by the community. Many believe it’s ridiculous as it is that we are getting God armors, Laks, and God weapons for simply blogging, as it really has nothing to do with the game, but that view is furthered with winning entries that are substandard.


I wonder what season 3 has in store for us all, or will there even be a season 3?


~ by caligstar on October 5, 2008.

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  1. ton left 😦

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