Mistakes Mistakes

I made a grave mistake and I am beginning to realize the impact of that mistake. Careful planning was never an aspect of the game that I paid close attention to. Now I am eking out my days regretting the fact that I did not utilize my Lak powders and God armor more wisely. Since the beginning of Season 2, I have obtained roughly 190 Lak powders and 3 pieces of God armor. Most people would ask why I am complaining, right? Well, I am not complaining, but merely pointing out that I should have sold every single one of those Lak powders and God armors.


Let us do the math with regards to the Lak powders. The current market price for a Lak powder is 5 million gold. Therefore, if you take 190 x 5 million, you get 950 million gold. Now let us take a look at the God armors. Since I had a few offers from players wanting to buy pieces of my God armor for 200 million gold that will be my market price in this calculation. Therefore, 3 x 200 million gold is 600 million gold. Last month I bought a lot of water m and sold them, which gave me roughly 300 million gold. Again, adding up 950 + 600 + 300 would have given me 1 billion 850 million gold. If I win the monthly prize for this event, I will have another 200 million gold and an ancient weapon. If I sold that ancient weapon, I probably could get 300 million gold. So add another 500 million gold to the 1 billion 850 million gold and you end up with a total of 2 billion 350 million.


Can you believe that I could have had 2 BILLION 350 MILLION in gold! I don’t have any Lak powders right now and all of my equipment and armor is +9, but I am broke. Buying my Unisus cost me the last 70 million gold I had in my storage. The other day I was browsing around the shops on server 1 and I noticed a player selling perfect stat Transknight armor that was +9 for 330 million a piece. Needless to say, I was very disappointed in myself. I could have bought each piece, 4 total, for the price of 1 billion 320 million. In addition, I saw two people yesterday selling ancient Thron of Shards for 350 million gold each. Last week I saw a player selling a piercing damage stone for 80 million gold and a physical strength earring for 120 million gold. I own both of those items. So let us recalculate all of this merchandise.


Keep in mind that after buying the God armor from that player, I would have been left with 1 billion 320 million gold. Therefore, 350 x 2 is 700 million gold. Add the 700 + 80 +120 and now the total equals 900 million gold. Subtract the 900 million gold from 1 billion 320 million and I am left with 420 million gold. My Unisus cost me 70 million, so subtract that as well and I am left with 350 million gold, give or take 100 million. Wow!


The lesson to be learned here is that it is smart to evaluate what you have and how to utilize everything so that you get the best bargain for your money. Sometimes it is very difficult to focus on the future or look that far a head, but it is worth doing so. I wish I would have done that so I could have sold all of my stuff in the attempt to buy it at a lower cost than it cost me to refine myself. Now I’m broke and I can’t buy simple things that I need, like horse food or pots. Had I planned a head, I would have over 300 million gold!


It gets worse as I level up my God character. I am quickly approaching level 355 and I know I need about 43 Lak powders and a Locked Seal to unlock the 355 level God character. I will not be able to do this now for free. I will end up having to purchase wcoins so that I can buy the Locked Seal as well as Lak powders. It is amazing how fast you can lose it all!


~ by caligstar on October 3, 2008.

One Response to “Mistakes Mistakes”

  1. lol agree i spent 800mil on ups in only 1 week broke us =3

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