Servant to the Community: Cape Wars

I must admit, the weekly topics are becoming increasingly interesting. Last week the topics appeared vague, but the vagueness allowed each writer to emphasis key points that were unique to the writer. The current weekly topics have excelled toward the more traditional weekly topics that were presented at the beginning of the season. As the final week of WYDian’s Journal event narrows to a close, all of us begin to analyze the impact our blogs had on the WYD community. Many writers have expressed their concern with different aspects of the game, while others have extended their opinions and advice in the attempt to make the game more enjoyable. In each circumstance, all of us have contributed as gamers to the community. However, as WYD Global continues to age, and its features become too common among the MMORPG community, evolution must be allowed to encourage change. Therefore, it is important that WYD Global revolutionizes its game play by incorporating newly designed features while expanding its player base.


Each of us must step away from the common mentality that doing little is enough. Yes, I give new players money to help them start their characters, I express my opinions regarding features of the game that I believe are not beneficial, I give advice in the attempt to make the game better, and I lead by example in events with the hope that more players will follow my example and participate. But what I have not done, until now, is given the community a new idea beyond the normal daily game play. I am confident that the strategic implementation of my idea, along with proper upgrades, will increase the player base, retain players that are burned out, and make the game a lot more fun for everybody. So what can I do for the community? I can go further than the above times I have done something for the community and explain this idea! So what is the idea?


Cape Wars


Cape Wars is the solution to the boredom that plagues most of the elder community. And it is the new feature that many new players are seeking. I will detail Cape Wars in its entirety in a minute. But first I want to express to each of you why I believe in Cape Wars. I experience the same déjà vu each and every time I log into WYD Global. Hunting and chatting are fun, but only for an hour or two. And I am dissatisfied with having to wait an entire week before I can engage in Guild War and Kingdom War. So I began thinking, why not have wars throughout the entire week between guilds with capes other than blue and red? See where I am going with this?


Let us face the truth, the game needs to be updated. Most of us would like more maps with more towns. Implementing these new towns and maps would definitely have an impact on Cape Wars’ success. But let me continue explaining the concept.



A system of cape building needs to be implemented. What does this mean? It simply requires the game to have a feature that allows guilds to CHOOSE the color of their cape. All different colors and combinations of those colors would be available. No guild can have the same color, but perhaps a shade similar. To ensure that high levels do not get the short end of the stick, they would be allowed to change the color of their cape without losing any + value. However, new players will be required to refine their specific colored cape like usual.


After a player has chosen the cape he or she wishes to carry, creating a guild will be similar to the current way. However, the fee for creating a guild will be removed, as well as the fee for recruiting members.




I log into the game and I choose the color Purple for my cape. Now I want to start a guild called Royals. I simply create the guild the same way guilds are created currently, but I do not have to pay any fees. Next I recruit ten players to be in my guild. Three of them are high levels and seven are new players. After each member receives the guild emblem, he or she will have their cape changed to the color of the guild leader. However, if a player wishes to change their cape first, a fee will be charged for doing so. This will prevent cape changing on a continuous basis. The color feature will be available at the character selection menu. Again, any player with a current cape that is refined will not lose any + value upon changing cape color.



The next feature that must be implemented is a website that supports Cape Wars. What does this mean? With an expansion of maps and towns, a large image containing each town and tower will be placed on the website. In addition, each guild will be required to register on the Cape Wars website. There will also be a cape color selection menu that will allow each guild leader to choose the color of their cape, which will be identical to the color they have chosen in the game. In addition, each member that wishes to participate in Cape Wars must register their name on the website, which will allow the guild leader to confirm you in his or her guild on the website. This will allow others to see what players are in each guild. Each guild is allowed up to thirty members, which is subject to change Furthermore, after each guild is registered, have selected their cape color (again, identical to the color chosen in the game), has all their members registered and confirmed on the website for a specific guild, they will be able to challenge other guilds for towns and towers on the large image that displays each town and tower.




I go to the website for Cape Wars and I register my guild. I choose the color Purple from the color selection menu. I tell each of my members to register their names (as they appear in game) on the Cape Wars website. After each of them registers, they will send a request to join Royals. I will confirm each of their requests so that they will be added to the guild roster. Because Cape Wars will be new, the first guilds to register will be given towers and towns by default. Other guilds that register after will be allowed to challenge them. Therefore, I was not one of the first guilds to register, so I look at the scheduling drop down menu and see that guild Shield controls a town that I would like to have for my guild. I challenge Shield, selecting a date and time when I will battle them for the town.


Shield’s guild leader will be notified that there is a pending challenge. Dumptires will be allowed to review the date and time. He can either confirm or make a change in the date or time of the challenge. However, he cannot deny the challenge, nor can he postpone a challenge for more than one day. For simplicity, I select October 3 for the challenge date and request the time of 1900 game time. Dumptires can move the match to October 4 and select a different time, or he can accept the challenge. In either case, the guild making the challenge better make sure they can battle a day after they made the initial challenge.


After Dumptires confirms the challenge, or changes the time/date and I confirm the challenge, we will do battle at that time and date. If I win, I will have the town I challenged for and receive the tax money held by that town. If I lose, Dumptires will keep the town and receive the tax money held by that town. However, I can continuously challenge Dumptires if I lose or I can challenge another guild. If I win and receive the town, I can challenge another guild for another town or tower. However, the guild I challenge must own a town or tower directly near me. I cannot challenge a guild across the image. I will have to work my way to them by challenging other guilds that hold towns and towers between myself and the other guild across the image. The purpose of Cape Wars is obviously to try and obtain every single town and tower. Perhaps there will be an awesome prize for each member of a guild that is able to accomplish this.



The third feature that must be implemented is a Cape Wars server. What does this mean? A battle server that mimics the regular server with the highest tax money held by that server will be utilized for Cape Wars. The highest tax money will ensure a battle prize and a separate server will ensure no other players will be involved in the Cape Wars that are not in guilds, as each battle will occur at the specific town that is being fought over. In addition, the server must be linked to the website so that towns and towers will be updated with the guilds that hold them in real time. Therefore, as soon as Cape Wars is over, the server will send the “win/lose information” to the website so that the towns and towers display the guild’s name that holds them immediately after the battle is over.


That sums up the idea of Cape Wars. There are definitely aspects of the idea that will have to be tweaked to fit the game, but the general idea seems fun. Cape Wars will encourage more people to participate in wars. Instead of the same guilds winning every weekend, this will break up the odds of that happening. In addition, it will spread the fun of having battles at any day or time of the week.


I’m even open to an idea of Guild League. This idea would break guilds up into fractions. Let us say that we break the guilds up and 12 guilds come out of the breakup. Each guild will be pitted against each other at least two times during a season of Guild League. A win/lose record would be maintained based on thirty minutes of game play. Deaths and Kills will be counted and whoever has the most kills at the end of 30 minutes wins. At the end of the season, there would be playoffs and whoever loses in playoffs will be eliminated until two guilds remain for the championship. Maybe a prize would go to each guild member of the guild that wins. I’m just throwing ideas out there.


But I believe Cape Wars could succeed. And I know it would be a lot of fun. In any case, this is my last contribution to the WYD Global community; a revolutionizing idea that would reshape WYD Global as we know it. It’s no longer enough to help the community in small ways, it’s time to think big and act on those big thoughts so WYD Global will be here for all us to enjoy for a long time.


Please, if any of you have ideas that could be added on to this to make it better, feel free to express your opinions here or through your blog. Change is inevitable, so let us make sure the change is something that will bring fun to us all.


~ by caligstar on October 2, 2008.

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  1. hi Caligstar see you around in game 🙂

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