Rough Return

It has been a week and my fingers are anxious; impatiently awaiting for their utilization in the expression of thoughts through words, bringing each of you knowledge from WYD Global. I have returned, but at the expense of my boredom. Each day is a realization of déjà vu. My mind wanders in search of potential, leaving all else to dwindle in the past. Illusion is losing the battle against reality. And reality reminds the wise that nothing is sculpted in eternity. The faces of many erode as time draws to a closer end. Few embrace for the moment of truth as the system succeeds in refining beliefs. To struggle is to carry the pain of success and success will ultimately breed grounds to which a new war will be waged.


I extend to each of you a challenge; to interpret the meaning of the above paragraph. Describe to all what it means to you, or perhaps what you believe I am trying to state.


Moving away from the above, I am excited to continue another week of blogging. I apologize to those of you that enjoy reading my blog, but have been disappointed that it has not been updated for a week. I have been back for a couple of days now and it has been a rough return.


As I entered the game on Sunday, I was looking forward to leveling my God character, but I was extremely disappointed to find that nobody was sharing any water m scrolls. I decided to go away from keyboard for an hour, but when I returned I briefly caught the shout of a player looking for a few more slots for a water m party. I immediately went to Azran so that I could join. However, they were looking for boxers and I did not have any water m scrolls. I quickly bought five dollars worth of wcoins and I purchased an experience box. I gave my box to one of the members since he had MAP. We must have waited another hour before the party was ready to begin.


The first level of the water m was fairly easy, but I noticed that the boxers were having a difficult time attacking. Their health points were decreasing at a rapid rate. To my surprise, one of the boxers died. This process continued until every single boxer in the water m party died at level seven. I was frustrated that I joined a party of newbs that were not capable of completing an entire water m scroll. However, what frustrated me even more was the fact that I wasted an experience box. I knew immediately that the water m party was going to disband since the majority of the party were not able to kill. It was not a great few hours to say the least.


And lets not forget about the armor that I won from the weekly topic. It took me 27 Lak powders to refine my Initiate Gloves from +8 to +9. I don’t think I have been more pissed off by a game in my life. lol Silly, but that was a ridiculous amount of Lak powders, especially considering that my Initiate Breastplate was fated from +7 to +9 with 16 Lak powders.


Anyway, about six hours later, I entered the game for the second time to try my luck at getting a water m party that was capable of killing at all levels. Fortunately, my guild was gathering a bunch of people for a water m share. I bought some water ms and I asked to be partied. However, due to the level restrictions, I was not able to join the party. I was getting even more frustrated with the game due to some of these ridiculous features. Taking away from the game by limiting friends from leveling up together amazes me. In any case, my guild leader was kind enough to lead the party so that I could join. The water m share went fairly quickly due to the high levels that were involved. I went from level 323 to level 342 in about two hours.


To top my last frustration of the day, I noticed that I was accumulating a large amount of special points. Apparently the game limits each character from allocating special points in each category after it exceeds a specific amount. Maybe somebody can explain this phenomenon to me, but I was under the impression that God classes are a lot stronger than Mortal classes. Therefore, wouldn’t it make sense to allow God classes to allocate MORE special points in their skills category? I mean, what is the difference between a God and a Mortal if their special points system are identical? Maybe a GM or CM could answer my question 🙂


~ by caligstar on September 30, 2008.

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