God Character Update/ Changes?

Last week was an exciting moment for me because I was able to ascend to God character. I was impressed with the stat points that were awarded from the beginning of my God character’s creation. Although I do not like the one-hundred feature, the system that forces one-hundred points into a category if you have for example 400 skill points, I quickly placed some stat points into strength, condition, and dexterity. It was a little frustrating having to place 500 stats into dexterity since God characters do not wear helmets, but it definitely paid off after my attack speed doubled. However, there were some problems that I encountered as I was leveling up my new God character.


Unfortunately, God characters cannot do the quests that many of us did with our Mortal character. Therefore, leveling a God character is extremely difficult if you do not regularly purchase wcoins. I attempted to level my God character by hunting for hours and going away from keyboard while at work. However, it took way too long once I reached the level of one-hundred and eighty. Therefore, I was left with no choice but to by wcoins so that I could share water n with people. It seemed like a good idea, but I was disappointed to find out that sharing water n is not as common as I thought. I bought a whole package of shouts and spammed that I was gathering a water n party, but usually nobody responded. I knew that it was going to take a very long time to level my God character, but I was able to share in two parties of water n.


After eventually obtaining the level of two-hundred and eighty-one, I wanted to branch out and share water m. Of course I would have shared water m from the beginning, but apparently the level difference prevented many party starters from being able to party me. Therefore, water n had do suffice. Many people kept explaining to me that I had to be at least level two-hundred and eighty in order for a high level God character or Celestial to be able to party me. I was extremely disappointed when I learned that was false. I was at the point of buying water n scrolls and experience boxes and doing them on my own. At least some of you can vouch for that, since I let some of you join me with free water n shares.


Last night was a rather unusual night because for the first time, a low level Celestial was able to party me. I was extremely excited that I was going to be able to level my God character a lot faster than doing water n shares. I do not know how he did it, but I was partied and the water m share was about to begin. An hour later, I was summoned by the water m scroll and the experience boxers did their work. I was getting roughly 160k per monster. It was great! My bar kept moving up and up and up. Eventually, I attained the level three-hundred and one. I knew that this water m share was going to allow me to reach at least level three-hundred and ten. However, at the end of the share, I was level three-hundred and twenty. Needless to say, it was a great night of water m sharing, especially with the 2x experience.


I have to admit, however, that prohibiting certain levels from being able to party other levels is lame. Most of us play this game to have fun with our online friends, and in many cases, real life friends. But if one friend is higher than the other and he/she can’t party their friends, the feature becomes an isolation feature. I was frustrated that night when some of my friends were not able to be partied. And I was further annoyed with my friend Muss was not able to join one of my water n shares because his level was too high and SultanJohor’s level was too high. I play this game because of the community. I believe it would be in the best interest for the community if the level difference was taken out of the game features. If WYD Global staff wants to make the game more challenging, then perhaps they should consider increasing the levels for Mortal characters and God characters.


The last thing that continues to piss me off is the fact that God characters cannot use the last weapon of Mortal characters. Amazing a God cannot use a Mortal weapon. I don’t know how thought of that, but I believe it should be changed. If the last Mortal weapon had higher damage than the lowest God weapon, then I can understand why the WYD Global developers would want to keep it the way it currently is. However, Mortal weapons have lower damage than God weapons. It’s as if a God character is going to have some sort of advantage over another player that plays on a Mortal character. It’s rather silly.


Anyway, I will talk to you all soon!


~ by caligstar on September 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “God Character Update/ Changes?”

  1. hey Caligs.. what zup ^__^

  2. hello caligs.. what zup? haha me too just writing and writing and writing LOL 🙂 goodluck and congrats for winning the weekly blog’s 🙂

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