Guild War/ Kingdom War

After a gentle rest and an early rise, I am before you again channeling brainwaves of thought into words. It has been a tiring few days, as my swords have been rather busy battling these thieves attempting to loot my thoughts and ideas. Paraphrasing sections of my blog and then quickly claiming they never read it, when it is truth that in order to have written what they wrote they had to have read my blog. But I am moving away from that idle chatter. One great thing about having issues with people online is you quickly get over it.


It almost slipped my mind the other day as I was leveling up my 209 God character, but I did not share with the community my experience during my first Guild War and Kingdom War. Both of these events were not what I expected. I have a knack for allowing my imagination to get the best of me. I pictured the rough grass of Azran swaying in the restless breeze. I envisioned my guild, Shield, lining up in a single row of warriors as the guild leader, dumptires, road down the line to prepare us for war. A voice roared through the air, “We ride today not for freedom of men, not to save the lives of the weak, but for each other, for Shield!” It was straight out of Lord of the Rings and my adrenaline surged beyond control. Suddenly I was warped into a small area and the Guild War was on. Talk about disappointment. It wasn’t more than ten minutes (if that) and it was over. Our enemies lay ruined before our feet, suffering the embarrassment of an overwhelming defeat. The only thing that was panning through my mind was why I thought it was a brilliant idea to arrive at work 4 hours later than I was scheduled so that I could attend the Guild War.



The above image was taken as we finished our quick battle with Heroes. They fought courageously, but Shield overwhelmingly dominated the entire Guild War.


Time was slowly ticking away and I was concerned that Kingdom War was going to be just as messy, but just as easy. However, my assumption was completely incorrect. Kingdom War kicked off with the game music changing into a low rumble. The hair on the back of my neck began to stand up as the next wave of adrenaline entered my body. With my Dragon Wing Axes ready for action, I charged into a group of Celestials and……….died instantly. haha If my ice fairy could talk, I’m sure it would be saying I was an idiot for charging into a group of Celestials, but nonetheless, it was a lot of fun. Luckily dumptires gave me potion that increased my hp by 1,000. It sure did come in handy many many many times over.





It was a fun and exciting day to say the least, despite the occassional boredom. The last picture displayed is rather interesting. Apparently somebody from above was looking out for me, as the white light parted the darkness of the lands and shown brightly on my armor, blessing it. I proudly stood on the alter as my foes struggled to retake their server. But their fight was not enough and TheBalance won Kingdom War with the help of Shield.


Anyway, moving away from the current topic, I guess I will post a picture of my “uniform” from last year. I worked for the police department and we had to wear this uniform when patrolling around our assigned area. We were pretty much security for the police department. Whenever we had an issue, we contacted dispatch and they relayed our information to a police officer. He/she would then respond and help us out. I would have posted a current picture, but my job does not require me to wear a uniform. I wear whatever I want. Perks of being a supervisor 🙂


And I tag Azmon, Default, and Alia. Post your pics guys and dolls! 🙂


~ by caligstar on September 17, 2008.

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  2. nice haha 🙂

  3. finally hehe

    i found ur pics here

    ty dude ^^

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