Initiate Pants

             After a full week of anticipating the announcement of the weekly topic winners, I was shocked when I read my name. The only thought that entered my mind was one that would require some more attention. I knew from the guidelines that I would receive 20 Lak powders and a god armor piece of my choice, perfect options. But I did not know what kind of options I wanted or even what piece of armor I wanted to obtain.

            Currently, I am a TransKnight, but I have been thinking about switching to MagicKnight, as it appears they have more attack power. However, I love the “tanking” ability of the TransKnight. Therefore, I decided what I wanted from CM Dhar. I e-mailed him immediately after I knew and told him that I wanted the following:


Initiate Pants+0

30 Dmg Inc

7.0 Critical


No sooner than I requested the piece of god armor, my reward came knocking at my door. I immediately looked at the armor and was satisfied. But I ran into another problem. I had 20 Lak powders that would be useful for refining from +6 to +9, but I did not have any Ori powders to refine from +0 to +6. I scrambled right away to server 1 in the attempt to buy Ori powders. I disregarded price and bought Ori powders for 1.4 million each. I failed from +5 to +6, so I needed to get at least one more Ori powder. I searched all over and finally found an auto-shop that was selling Ori powders for 1 million each. I cringed because I bought the other Ori powders for a much higher price, but I didn’t care. I bought all of them and refined my Initiate Pants to +7.

            Now, I knew the tricky part, well, the hard part, was going to be refining my armor to +9. I dropped the first Lak powder on my pants and it was a success. I quickly dropped the second and it failed. Then the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and finally the tenth was successful. Phew, only 10 more Laks left and I needed one more successful refining to +9. I dropped the eleventh Lak powder on my Initiate Pants and it failed, then the twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, and finally the fifteenth was successful. So there you have it. I finally have my Initiate Pants+9. And to make it even better, I have 5 Lak powders left over. Hopefully they will be useful for the next time I need to fate armor or weapons.

            I want to share with you guys a trick that I have been using since SupremeDestiny. It is a trick that includes timing, but will definitely help when you need to refine armor or weapons. It appears that most of the time you will not succeed in refining from +5 to +6, which is okay. On god weapons, it may take you another 4-5 Ori Powders to refine from +5 to +6 after you failed once. However, with armor, it is a little different most of the time. When you fail, drop another Ori powder on the armor and when it succeeds in refining, quickly drop a Lak powder on the armor. Wait for about 2.1 seconds, and drop another Lak powder. Continue this process until you have refined your armor or weapon to +9. Remember, you have a higher percentage of probability to succeed when you drop Ori powders and Lak powders on weapons and armors continuously, as aside from dropping them when you randomly obtain one. Try it out and report back if this system works for you. Maybe you have a better system that works. Please share it as it would definitely help the people that are new to the game.


~ by caligstar on September 16, 2008.

One Response to “Initiate Pants”

  1. ok, well why do you get upset. I don’t even read your blog. To be honest and not to hurt your feelings, I don’t find the necessary time to even read your blog. Its plain and doesn’t draw my attention. Maybe you can use my criticism to enhance your blog. But how am I copying something off your blog if I dont even read it. Instead of accusing, why not make your blog better by getting ideas from other peoples?

    you could use the help.

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