Favorite GM and CM

           Guy walks up to me and says hello. I say hello back and then he proceeds to ask me who my favorite GM is. I look at the guy awkwardly and respond by asking him who the GMs are. He looks at my confused and ignores my statement, immediately pressing me to answer the next question he so eagerly wants to ask. I stand there for a minute as he’s staring at me. Is this bloke trying to make me feel dumb? I am ready to punch him in his mouth, but I hesitate before asking him what a CM is. He laughs, turns around, and walks away.

            Unfortunately, I have never had the opportunity to speak with a GM on a personal level. I don’t recall ever seeing a GM in WYD Global except for GM Loki, due to having to organize and maintain the Academy League event. If I had to be selective with what GM is my favorite, I would have to choose GM Loki because he is the only one that makes his presence felt by the majority of WYD Global. After the Academy League event today, he briefly said hello to the Global Academy and wished us a great day before suddenly vanishing in thin air. I understand the GMs are busy with more technical areas of the game, but it is unfortunate they do not make themselves more available to the players via the game. They are great resources of knowledge that could definitely be utilized by everybody. I only see it being beneficial if they interacted with the community more than they currently do. GM Loki’s costume is impressive as well. He looks like a stripper on his good days and a drag queen on the bad days. Ha!

Bringing this down a notch, I have to continue this conversation in the opposite direction. I feel it is my obligation to the community to call out a GM that I do not think has the community’s best interest in mind. GM Helius is not on my list of likeable GMs. GM Helius has disrespected the community by refusing to make an appearance before us all to explain why he has disregarded the advice of CM Dhar to promote a grand prize of an ancient weapon with perfect stats. For those of you that missed it the first time, the ten winners of the month will not be receiving an ancient weapon with perfect stats. You will receive an ancient weapon without stats. Now the question remains of whether or not it is worth the continuation of blogging if all your hard work will account for little when the final moment arrives. I suggest everybody write GM Helius and demand that he change the status of his decision regarding the ancient weapon. We all want an ancient weapon of our choice with perfect options. We are not blogging everyday for an item that everybody in the game has access to. We are different and we deserve different!

Moving away from GMs, I want to complete my blog by explaining why CM Dhar is my favorite CM. But first I want to mention that CM Nyx, CM Aruman, and CM Tonberry are all great CMs as well. Unfortunately, we have not seen them in quite a while, but they have always been extremely helpful with answering the community’s questions when they appear..

           CM Dhar always has the community’s best interest in mind. Throughout these last few months, he has worked hard to gain the support of the community with each new event he unfolds. The large number of participates during these events further proves the value of CM Dhar’s dedication. He is definitely accelerating to the top of everybody’s list of most likeable CM. However, there are two major attributes that CM Dhar possesses that distinguishes him from the rest, he is honest and understanding. The combination of these two characteristics enables him to be subjective during events and non-judgmental during times of constructive criticism by the community. I had the privilege of interviewing CM Dhar today where he displayed these attributes genuinely. It was as follows:




Caligstar: Thank you for taking this time for me to interview you Dhar.

CM Dhar: np thank you too

Caligstar: The first thing I’d like to ask is what the future of the WYDian Journal will entail? In other words how do you see it progressing and becoming better with each new season?

CM Dhar: I think the bloggers will gradually begin to decrease, and I am sad to hear that. And I might also cut season 2 down so that it lasts until September 30th instead of October 28th.

Caligstar: Why do you believe that the amount of bloggers will decrease?

CM Dhar: Well that’s what is happening right now. Notice the decrease of daily winners.

Caligstar: There has been a lot of speculation about the ancient weapon Dhar. Can you clear this issue up for the community. Will the winners receive and ancient weapon with perfect stats or without?

CM Dhar: Okay. Since the poster is not updated, this is what the final prize will be; a +9 ancient weapon without stats and 200 million gold. Instead of having 5 winners, there will be 10. That is what my boss, Sexy, wants.

Caligstar: Who is your boss?

CM Dhar: There will be 2 weekly winners, one for each topic. My boss is GM Helius, or Sexy. In addition, there will be up to 5 daily winners in each category.

Caligstar: Thank you for clearing that up Dhar. Now, let us move away from the journal event. How did you become a CM for WYD Global?

CM Dhar: Actually, I applied for some customer service position. After my training, I was informed that I was going to become a GM. But I proposed the community program, or the appointment of community managers.

Caligstar: Do you regret your decision?

CM Dhar: No I don’t. Okay, let me continue. My boss liked the idea. They knew the importance of a CM in-game. As we all know, almost all MMORPGs have a CM, so why not WYD Global? Okay done xD

Caligstar: So in your opinion Dhar, what do you think WYD Global lacks compared to other games out there?

CM Dhar: As we all know the game is very old. I am very sad to say that WYD Global lacks communication features. There isn’t any friend’s list or guild’s list to see your comrades online.

Norf: I like your interview Calig. It’s actually very good.

Caligstar: Is there anything in the works to improve that?

CM Dhar: It’s all up to the developers. Lemme continue. Aside from that, I believe that WYD Global has the best customer support and community relations than any free MMORPG.

Caligstar: I have to agree. Moving on, if you had one thing that you could change Dhar, to make WYD Global better, what would it be and why?

CM Dhar: Hmm. I think I would change the game by making more character customization features available. As we all know, WYD Global does not allow players to customize their characters. For example: You cannot choose gender, hair color, style of face, etc. There are a lot of twins in the game. Besides that, I want to include all the player’s demands.

Caligstar: Dhar, lately your events have become the center of a lot of attention. Many people love the events and what you bring to the table. Can you give us an insight of what to expect in future events?

CM Dhar: Oh future events. I will answer in a minute. I have to go use the toilet.

Caligstar: Well there you have it guys and dolls, the man has to poop! Ha! Sure, we will wait for you.

CM Dhar: Okay, future events. There will be some sort of social networking event coming soon. Have you guys heard of Friendster? We will be having an event with that site, similar to the BUDDIES event, but a little different. Every week I will ask something in my profile. And the player who puts the best testimonial for me will win.

Caligstar: That sounds interesting.

CM Dhar: Convince your guild to make a group in Friendster because they will also be able to participate as a guild.

Caligstar: Dhar, as a CM, what do you feel is your most valuable responsibility/obligation to the community?

Norf: Wtfs obligation mean?

Caligstar: Go look it up in a dictionary newb! Haha

Norf: lol kkkk

CM Dhar: My biggest responsibility is to listen to the community and inform. And you can help that process by playing the game fairly and helping the players that need help.

Caligstar: Okay Dhar, I know you are busy, so here is the last question. Many of the dolls in the game are dying to know if you are single.

CM Dhar: I am. I just broke up with my ex a year and a half ago.


         Well there you have it guys and dolls, CM Dhar handing down the truth behind the WYDian Journal event and what is in store for us all in future events. Thank you again for your time Dhar. I hope you all enjoyed the interview and hopefully now understand why CM Dhar is the best CM! But before I close this blog, I want to share with you one last reason why CM Dhar is an awesome CM. He is always in such a big rush to formulate new ideas for events and be there for the community that sometimes he forgets to put the same pair of shoes on! Ha! Btw Dhar, you should start eating more veggies man, you’re starting to look a little pink. Hahahaha =)





~ by caligstar on September 12, 2008.

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