My Frustrations

             Today ladies and gentlemen is a very sad day. I cried for two hours straight when I realized what happened. My tears carved rivers of wrinkles on my plump cheeks. How could this happen to me, again? The first time it happened, I cried for five hours straight. The tears would not stop flowing. I had to evacuate my room because the water was waste high from my tear drops. Eventually I had to evacuate from my house due to the massive flooding. I guess by now you’re wondering what could be so bad that would make a grown man cry for hours. Well, I left auto-attack on last night while I slept, you know, hoping to level up and gather awesome drops. But when I woke up this morning, my character was stuck in a glitch. First he would move from the mobs and then out of nowhere, he was standing in thin air. He kept moving back and forth in this manner until I warped back to town. I’m assuming this was going on the entire night because I had ZERO drops and my character did not level up at all.

            Okay, so I was kidding about the first part when I stated that I was crying. But my level of frustration right now is high. This has happened to me a lot. And it usually only happens when I leave auto-attack on in combination with the auto-move (circular one). It is a glitch in the game and it needs to be fixed ASAP! I cannot tell you a worse feeling than knowing that a full night’s worth of time was disappointedly wasted. No awesome drops and no leveling my God character. Sigh. But my level of frustration includes other things that really irk me.

            Why on Earth have agmo(enter name here) of anything if it’s going to drop WORSE items than what you can buy directly from the NPC? I was agmo hunting shortly after I found that glitch and every single drop I received from the agmo was crap! I remember so long ago when agmo were extremely difficult to kill. But if you were successful in killing one, you would be rewarded with items that were astounding. What do I refer to as astounding you ask? Astounding to me is receiving a drop that is equivalent to something you could receive from the gamble system on Neil.

Not everybody can afford wcoins. Therefore, not everybody can participate in the gamble system that wcoins incorporates. I suggest a solution that to that problem. Why not have agmo mobs be 3x as hard to kill (increase their inflicting damage as well as their defense) and drop awesome items? And maybe once a month, some lucky person could receive an ancient God weapon with the best stats? At least give the rest of the community an opportunity to receive items that are not event related or Neil producing. If that cannot be done, at least give better drops after countless hours of hunting. The drops are horrible most of the time. I usually NPC the items I receive because I know it would not be worth my time to sell at an auto-shop. They are pot money as far as I am concerned.

Now that I am on the subject of Neil, let me talk a little more about this guy and the items he sells. I am convinced that most of the items that Neil sells are overpriced. I am also convinced that if he were to lower the prices of everything he sells just a little more, he would have a greater probability of selling MORE items. I understand that WYD Global is a game that seeks to make money, which is evident with most games. However, a business (which WYD Global is) should never make its customers feel like they got duped when it came to buying items. I am a wcoins buyer and to date, I have spent over two-hundred dollars on wcoins. But each time I leave Neil, I feel like I really didn’t get my money’s worth in what I bought. The money vanishes too quickly. Again, I understand that the point is to continuously make people buy wcoins, which I’m sure is used to help support the game and keep it running, but better deals throughout Neil’s entire selection would be much more appreciated.

            One thing that I believe Neil should stop selling are froggy swords and horses that require no food. I never understood why the game would undermine so many other weapons out there by giving newbies froggy swords that are so much more powerful than even some of the last weapons for mortals+0. That does not make a bit of sense to me. In addition, what mutated horse does not require food? Let us be a little more realistic. I understand that these horses are great for newbies that do not understand from the start the concept of food, but how newbie can you really be? You have to eat in real life, so I am hoping that one would assume that your animal must eat as well. My biggest complaint is that it kills Kingdom War and Guild War. When you have a high level with 500000 pots and NO food because the mount does not require it, it kind of makes the idea of wars useless. What is next, no more hp because everybody is invincible too? Lol Lets us get rid of the horses that require no food.

            These are my frustrations for the day and the week. They are not the first and they surely will not be the last. But thanks for reading!


~ by caligstar on September 10, 2008.

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