A Knight’s Tale: Chapter 4

Withy My Destiny:


            Back at SultanJohor’s lair, the training immediately started. Déjà vu hit my body with full force. I was bloodied from the dragon and I was broken, yet again, from the sparing with SultanJohor. A deep cut in my leg caused me excruciating pain, but I knew that I had to fulfill my destiny. We raged war on each other for days, until both of our bodies were drained of energy. My elevation skill reigned supreme if it was carefully used. But SultanJohor’s combat sensibility proved to be far more superior most of the time.


            “Thou cannot take anymore SultanJohor. Thy body is shattered”, I pleaded.

            “Aye young sir, but now I will teach thee the skills of trans”, he replied.


            We both sat down next to a small fire while he began telling me the ways of trans.


            “Thou must earn thy special skills young sir. Thou cannot pay any man or beast for thy skills, but rather harness thy strength within thee. Tis important to prove to thy self that ye is worthy of thy skills”, SultanJohor explained.


            Weeks passed and I was making great progress in my fighting and technique. I learned every trans skill that SultanJohor offered to teach me how to harness. However, there was still one skill that would take many more months to learn, critical armor. This skill was unlike most skills used by TransKnights. In the truest form, it was passive. I was unsure how to harness anymore energy from my body, but it had to be done. And SultanJohor knew exactly how to harness such energy needed.


            “Get out!”, yelled SultanJohor.

            “But but, thou art not done teaching thy skills”, I said.

            “Thou has taken too long to learn thy last skill. Ye is not a true TransKnight. Thou must not waste anymore of thy time”, he explained.


            I refused to leave. I didn’t go through hell for six months to give up now. I couldn’t, I wouldn’t. SultanJohor’s eyes began glowing with a tint of white. I knew he was buffing himself for one final battle. I wasn’t going to walk away from this. No way would I let him push me around. I didn’t know how far he was willing to take this, but I was willing to fight until death. I buffed myself and prepared for the battle.


            “Thou will be ripped to shreds for disobeying thy command”, he said.

            “Nay, thou will feel my wrath once and for all”, I replied.


            No sooner than the last words left my mouth, SultanJohor’s deadly strike knocked me to the ground. He immediately rushed toward me to attack me again, but I elevated before he could. My combat sensibility heightened my senses and I landed two hits to SultanJohor. The battle pursued for hours, until SultanJohor decided it was over. Buffing to full capacity, he attacked me with everything he had. It didn’t take long and I was on the ground, unable to move. I felt frozen in time, my mind drifting into unconsciousness. One last hit was all it took and my body was on the verge of death. He slowly began walking away, leaving me to die on the cold chamber floor that was his lair.


            “This is it? That is all you have to give? Weak! Where is the power within you that will destroy your enemies?” an unknown voiced asked.

            “Thou does not know how. Thy energy is drained”, I said back.

            “Think of what all your enemies have done to you. Think of the pain they have caused you and many others”, the voice stated.


            I was not sure who this voice was. He spoke with a dialect unknown to me. Should I trust him? What did I have to lose? I started thinking about the day the spear entered my body. It didn’t make sense to me. After all these months, I never thought about it in depth. But it didn’t add up. I was standing on the lands of Azran fighting my foe when a spear from the left impaled my body. The images of that day started racing faster and faster before me until the face of the unknown appeared. CM Dhar!!! It was CM Dhar that attacked me from the side. But why?

            Energy flowed into my body at an astonishing rate. I rose to my feet, fully healed and with more power than I could ever imagine. An aura of life rejuvenated my body. The cut on my leg disappeared and my strength too had been increased. I knew what I had to do. I found my unicorn and rode him to the north as fast as he could run. It took days before reaching CM Dhar’s outpost, but nobody was around. I slowly walked inside his lair when I heard his voice from behind.


            “Ye has come back to fight me I sense! Ye can never overcome thy power. Thou is the strongest celestial in all these lands”, CM Dhar said.

            “Ye will pay for thy trechery”, I said.

            “Thou will die just as easily as ye ancestors and thy guild”, he said.


            And with that, rage flooded my veins. I buffed myself to full capacity, extending my power further than SultanJohor’s.


            “Thou has been training. But thou is still no match for thy strength”, he said.


            I slowly walked toward my unicorn and unveiled my ancient Dragon Wing Axes from a small pouch on his saddle. CM Dhar’s appearance changed ever so slightly as he knew this would not be an easy battle after all. He buffed himself and I could sense he was stronger than me, but that didn’t deter me from wanting to clench his life source away from his body.

            He quickly attacked me, sending me flying across a small pasture. I slowly got up, shaken from being caught off guard. He was coming at me again, but this time I swung my axes. They overpowered his attack and sliced cut his arm.


            “ARRRRRGG! Thou will pay for thy cuts”, he exclaimed.


            I escaped his attacks again, barely making it to my unicorn. I mounted my unicorn and I could feel my power increase even more. The fighting waged on as we both fought with everything we had. Dusk was setting in and I knew this fight had to end soon or all hope would be lost. As I made me way toward CM Dhar, one last attack in mind, I was knocked off my unicorn. CM Nyx, CM Aruman, and CM Tonberry appeared from all directions. They raced to their master, CM Dhar, and attached to his soul, making him twice as strong.

            My confidence plummeted and I was convinced the fight would now be lost. But my unicorn helped me to my feet and pushed me to fight on. He would ride to the end with me, and that gave me a sense of reassurance. Dhar quickly buffed and attacked me again and again. I was taking too many hits and barely doing any damage to him. Another hour passed as darkness overcame the lands. My foe and I fought with all the energy we could harness. However, I could sense that my power was decreasing at a steady rate. I looked down at my unicorn and saw blood pouring from his neck and body. He was shielding me from most of the hits from Dhar. I knew he was slowly dying.

            I removed myself from my unicorn and let him drift into the woods. He fought bravely, but I had to fight Dhar on my own now. I attacked Dhar directly and knocked him back from my position. He immediately approached me and unveiled his ancient thron of shards. Our weapons clashed and the sound could be heard for miles. Dhar’s shard caught me and sliced my back from my neck to my waist. It was over. I was defeated. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to stand again after his attack. Blood gushed from my body and I felt weakness overcoming my body.


            “Nay young sir. Ye must continue to fight. Thou must look deep into thy soul to overcome thy enemies”, SultanJohor yelled.

            “SultanJohor?”, I said.

            “Aye young sir. Thou can defeat evil Dhar”, he said.


            I knew what SultanJohor was speaking of. Soul of Limits would be hard to achieve, but I had to find the strength within my soul. I thought about my unicorn and how well he fought. I thought about how he was going to die a useless death if I didn’t defeat Dhar. I would not let Dhar defeat me! I rose to my feet and my hands began shaking. My eyes glared a white luminescent color as my veins bulged from my arms. A bright light blanketed the land as an overwhelming force of strength and power entered my body.


            “What, what is thou doing? How can this be?” asked Dhar.


            Without giving him another moment to speak, I was attacking Dhar. He buffed to full capacity once again and we battled for life. The fight raged on through the night until the sun of dawn reached our glowing eyes. Dhar looked over at the sun for a split second, but it was enough for me to land one last blow with my axe. His body ripped into two as my axe sliced through his purple body.


            “Nay, this cannot be!!!!!”, he shouted.


            It was over. Dhar’s body quivered on the ground….dead. I had defeated my foe and avenged my people. As Dhar’s life force exited his body, SultanJohor and Homax, both of which had been watching the entire time, came forth from the forest. And to my surprise, my unicorn came as well. He was fully healed. Homax had used special potion to heal his wounds and restore his life. The day was complete, my destiny was fulfilled. Peace truly was restored to the lands around Armia. And for you my friend? Well, I cannot say what your destiny is….That must be shaped by you.


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  2. what a lame story geez..just read firstchapter 1st paragraph so lame LOL noobie story teller

  3. didnt approve it?then thats not just right coz u should accept other people’s opinions.. so accept the comment xD

  4. by the way you copied a movies title what a shame cant even think of his own title for a story lol

  5. Wow your a great rider i hope i see you in-game talk to you later

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