A Knight’s Tale: Chapter 3

 The Gift:          


I was not sure what to make of CM Dhar from the time that I met him until years later. But he always assured me that my destiny was important to the survival of all living things in this world. How I was going to include myself as a piece in the larger puzzle I was not sure. Through occasional talks, Dhar revealed to me that he was an elder celestial. Thousands of years ago his guild was destroyed by a great plague that swept the lands. The plague’s maker was unknown, but Dhar has been convinced ever since that it was purposely released to destroy his people. Little did I know that he too was on a quest, one that sought revenge for the devastation that occurred so long ago.


            “When the last elder died from the plague”, explained Dhar. “Thy body underwent a transformation. Thy energy exited thy body and formed three others similar to thy self.”

            “Where are the others similar to thee?” I asked.

            “Each source of energy transported to the four corners of this world”, said Dhar. “CM Nyx resides in the West, I in the North, CM Tonberry in the South, and CM Aruman in the East. We are the guardians of the four corners.”


            It wasn’t surprising that Dhar had a larger responsibility than Homax and I. His power was far greater than anything I could have imagined. Although he carried a great burden of protector, Dhar’s shoulders were weighted with a far heavier realization. He was immune to the plague. A genetic mutation at birth caused his eyes to glow white instead of red, like the rest of his people. Dhar explained that his people’s only weakness were their eyes. Red eyes did not burn as bright as white eyes. Therefore, tiny particles of the plague were able to enter rather easily into the bodies of the celestials. However, Dhar’s white eyes burned the particles before they could enter.


            “Tis time to continue on ye journey Caligstar”, said CM Dhar.

            “Yes young lad, we must be moving”, agreed Homax.

            “I give thee a special gift Caligstar. Ye must learn the nature of unicorns; fore unicorns will be ye life partner. This unicorn will guide thee.” said Dhar.

            “I thank thee Dhar. I will cherish thy gift”, I replied.


            Three more days passed and I could sense our journey was almost complete. It would not be too much longer before I would appear before the great SultanJohor. The thirst to fulfill my destiny was aching in my stomach. Homax had been quiet the entire three days we were walking. My feet were blistered, but there was nothing I could do. My unicorn was not mature enough to ride, but I enjoyed his companionship. A life-long partner he would be if I took care of him. My mind gradually began to wander, reminiscing about the day the spear entered my flesh. Just as I started feeling the pain from that moment all over again, I was knocked to the ground.


            “Whaa! What the…”, I said dizzily.

            “Shhh, young lad. Thou does not hear it?”, Homax said.

            “Nay Homax. What is wrong?”, I asked.

            “Orcs!! Marching from the East”, he stated.

            “Orcs??? What shall thee do Homax?”, I asked.

            “Make haste young lad. Thou must reach SultanJohor before the Orcs approach”, he said.


            Homax and I began running as fast as we could to the underworld where SultanJohor resided. I heard stories about Orcs. They were created from the dirt and cursed by evil. They showed no fear and loved the taste of flesh. Thousands of them marched from the East. If we encountered them, we would be drastically outnumbered. I ran faster and faster, trying to keep up with Homax. However, he was just too fast and I lost sight of Homax.


            “Homax! Where art thee?”, I shouted.



            The ground began to shake tremendously and suddenly a large dragon appeared before me. Sensing that I was in potential danger, my unicorn immediately attempted to attack the dragon. However, it was no match. The dragon’s claws pierced the flesh of my unicorn, sending it flying against a tree. I cursed the dragon and quickly made my way to the unicorn. The dragon gave another roar as it approached my location. I grabbed my unicorn and held it, protecting it from the teeth of the dragon.


            “Curse thee dragon! Come any closer and thou shall send thee to the abyss”, I yelled.


            But my threats were no concern to the dragon. He blew fire from his mouth towards me. I covered my unicorn, protecting it from the blazing heat.


            “Ahhh! My skin, it’s melting!!”, I screamed.


Suddenly the dragon opened its mouth, showing its razor sharp teeth. It was going to eat us both! A thousand images flashed before my mind. Even my new-found skill wasn’t going to save me this time. We were both going to be eaten alive by the dragon. I accepted this fate, but just as the dragon was about to tear my flesh, his head burst into a shower of blood.


“Yaaa, deadly strike!”, I heard a voice shout.


The presence of an unknown person stood before me. He had a tint of red glowing from his hands. The armor on his body was harder than any metal known on this planet. He looked like a knight, similar to me!


“Suu…suult….SultanJohor?”, I asked.

“Good day to ye young sir”, he said.

            “Whaaa, where is my unicorn?!?!” I said.


            My unicorn vanished. I couldn’t find him anywhere. I pleaded with SultanJohor to find him. He was my companion. I couldn’t lose him now. All hope was lost, maybe the dragon burned him? Maybe I didn’t protect him well enough. Did the dragon eat him after all?


            “Look over there young sir”, said SultanJohor.


            As I looked to my left, I was shocked to see a bright, beautiful unicorn standing erect near a pond. Ripples of strength flowed over his body. His muscles bulged out as he stood proudly.


            “But, but, but I don’t understand? Thy unicorn was a baby a second ago”, I asked in a puzzled tone.

            “Aye young sir, but thou protected thee unicorn well. Thou needed to show ye unicorn ye cared for it so that it could mature”, explained SultanJohor.


            My unicorn was powerful. I raised myself upon his back and rode him with confidence. SultanJohor led me back to the underworld and assured me that a new journey would now begin; a journey of mastering the arts of trans. And with the help of my unicorn, I would be able to fulfill my destiny and destroy my enemies.



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