A Knight’s Tale: Chapter 2

The Awakening:


            “Ahhh! It hurts, stop, please no more. Thou cannot take another ounce of pain from thee”, I cried.

            “wakaka! Young lad, we have only begun with thy training. Thou must strengthen thy stamina to endure thy pain”, said Homax.


The pain was too unbearable. I was shattered to pieces as Homax landed every punch and every kick to my broken body. Although weak and terribly sore, I continued on, summoning energy I did not know existed. The blood dripped from my eye and lip, as another punch and another kick hit its target. The training continued for what seemed like days. And eventually one day did turn into three, and then four. By the end of the first week, I was able to defend myself well enough to be spared the grueling blows of Homax’s punches and kicks.


            “Well done young lad, thou art quickly learning the skill of hand to hand combat”, said Homax.

            “Thine hands feel stronger Homax. Thou feels ready to face thy enemies now! Thou shall make haste to thy fortresses and destroy the evil that lurks within these lands”, I exclaimed.

            “Nay young lad. Thou must learn the true skills of a TransKnight. Thou shall make haste to thy friend SultanJohor to learn the ways of Trans”, explained Homax.


Homax explained that SultanJohor was one of the best TransKnights throughout the lands of Armia. But the journey to meet with SultanJohor would take another week; a week of which I would be constantly tested. We started off before dawn, making our way down a small trail. The riverbed was up a head, but I could sense something was not right. As we began crossing the riverbed, the water began rising at an incredible rate.


            “Do ye see the river rise Homax?” I asked.

            “Aye, good luck lad. Wakaka,” said Homax.

            “Wait, Homax, don’t leave thee to drown”, I said.


Just as fast as we entered the water, Homax vanished from sight. It was not long before I heard a loud rumbling coming from up stream. Rapids!!!! Using his nature ability, Homax summoned the earth to ripple, causing great rapids that could crush any man or beast. Panic flooded my body as I tried to swim to the riverbank. But the powerful water flushed me closer to the rapids. My eyes were beginning to roll in the back of my head.


            “Do not give up young lad. Use thy hidden power to lift ye from the water,” said Homax.



            Just as I thought my life was going to end, an electrifying surge of powerful rushed through my body. My hands and feet began to glow with an aura unlike anything imaginable. My body slowly began rising above the water. Uncertain what to make of what was happening to me, I felt terrified, but also relieved that I was not going to die.


            “That’s it lad! You’ve done it. You harnessed enough energy to elevate thy self above the water”, said Homax.

            “Thou hast the natural ability to elevate Homax?” I asked.

            “Yes lad” he replied.


            As much as I thought there was something unique about Homax, little did I know that Homax was thinking the same of me. The only difference was he knew from the start that I was unique. He knew all along that I possessed the ability to elevate; a rare trans skill that was thought to have died long ago with “the forgotten ones”. Homax explained that he saved me from the wolves only a few months ago because he believed I was a direct descendant of “the forgotten ones”, but assured me they were not important right now. I did not ask Homax anymore about them.

            We continued on our path and the newly realized power hidden within me gave me a confidence that was surreal. My senses became hightened and I grew hungry for battle. I wanted to learn everything SultanJohor had to teach me so that I could destroy my enemies. But I knew I had a long way to go before ascending to God level. I began dwelling on the years it would take to become God level. Depression set in for only a second when I heard a voice from close to our position.


            “Who goes there?! Who shall trespass on thy land?” said a deep voice.

            “Good day to ye CM Dhar”, I heard Homax say.

            “Oh! Homax my dear friend, how are thee? Thou did not know it was ye. Who is thy companion?” asked CM Dhar.

            “This is Caligstar,” Homax stated.

            “Ahh, young Caligstar. Thou has heard much about you these past few weeks,” said CM Dhar.


            How did he know a lot about me? Who was this CM Dhar guy? Was he going to help shape my destiny? Time would tell.


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