Lessons to be learned: Season 1

It wasn’t long ago that I came home from work and sat down at my computer to find myself utterly bored out of my mind. Working out seemed pointless at that time and I had already been stuffing my face full of food, for lack of better things to do, for the last week. I knew there had to be something I could invest my time in. Reminiscing about the good old days when I could transform myself into a TransKnight, I yearned for SupremeDestiny to still be in existence. However, I knew there was no hope.

            Suddenly I had the urge to type “With Your Destiny”  into google and to my surprise, stumbled upon a game that looked almost IDENTICAL to SupremeDestiny! Could this be, I thought. I immediately began reading everything on the website about this game that looked very similar to the game I once so dearly loved. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for the game to be installed on my computer. And it took even less time for my face to be glued to the computer screen as my TransKnight battled evil monsters through the small towns surrounding Armia. However, this game was different from SupremeDestiny. This game had substance, had GMs that cared about its players, and CMs that dropped in randomly to say hello. I was “zombified” at all the wonderful events that the game offered to help achieve God status.

            But there was something that caught my eye, something I never knew could be so successful for a game. That special something was the WYDian Journal event. I immediately signed up with wordpress so that I could begin blogging. What a wonderful way to express thoughts, ideas, and concerns for the game you love and win prizes for doing so! It didn’t take long for the first season to end. And although I did not win the grand prize, it was a blast competing and taking part in the event. However, there are many things that I learned from season one, which I will go into detail below.


1st: The first thing that I learned from season one is that creativity is imperative. Often times, bloggers have a hard time coming up with new topics to discuss, but if you approach blogging with a creative outlook, you are almost certainly going to find it easier to write. Think outside of the bun (hehe Taco Bell commercial). No seriously, think outside of the box. Write something that nobody else would write about. I have been reading everybody’s blogs for a while now and most people do not sit down and write lengthy blogs because it is time consuming. My strength is my writing. When you see a lot of screenshots on my blog, you know I am being lazy. I love to write and I love to write lengthy passages. Being able to express myself fully through my writing gives me great delight. But creativity is the key.


2nd: The second thing that I learned from season one is that you cannot read other people’s blogs to give yourself better ideas. At least, I cannot do that. I find it very difficult to write about new topics when I read other people’s blogs first. This always happens to be because I want to write something very similar to what they wrote, perhaps to add my opinion. However, that’s not being very creative. Therefore, I stay away from reading other people’s blogs until AFTER I write my own.


3rd: The third thing that I learned is that if you are going to post screenshots of a story, comic, or joke, make sure you know how to use a photo-editing program. I can’t tell you how many times I tried erasing an image from another image in order to incorporate that image into the image that I wanted to post on my blog. Confusing huh? Yea, believe me, I know. Some of my screenshots from last season would have been totally cool, and perhaps would have been selected as best blog, had I been able to use a photo-editing program a little better. Not to say that you have to be an expert, but some knowledge does help.


4th: The fourth thing that I learned is that I have a huge desire to help those that are new to the game. Fortunately, I was given the opportunity to join the Global Academy and they helped me a tremendous amount. I can’t thank SultanJohor and –Homax- enough for all their help and guidance throughout my time in Global Academy. Thank you! But back to what I was saying. It is okay to write passages that are guides for new comers to the game. A few of my topics from last season focused mainly on how help new comers to better understand many aspects of the WYD Global game. My recent blog focused on helping them again. I think it’s great when bloggers take the extra time to write blogs that will help others adapt and overcome challenges in the game.


5th: The fifth thing that I learned from last season is that it is okay to take a day or two off from blogging. Sometimes it is necessary to take a break so that fresh ideas can make their way into your brain. The last few days of last season, I completely stopped blogging because I was burned out. I had absolutely nothing more to write about. Perhaps that cost me from being selected for the grand prize, but I didn’t think it was a good idea to write a bunch of mumbo jumbo that wasn’t going to benefit anybody, and make me look like a dufus in the process J Definitely keep your blog updated on a consistent basis, but I don’t believe that you will be ousted by CMs because you take a couple of days off throughout the event. They are looking for fresh ideas from each blog and if taking a day or two off gets those ideas rolling, I think they would be okay with that.


The last thing that I learned from season one is that it is important to have fun with blogging. Sometimes we get too competitive and we lose focus on why we are really blogging. We are blogging because we are having fun and doing something that is not ordinarily done by games. If you let the competitive side consume you, it only results in bitterness. In addition, blog entries should be fun in nature and never demeaning to anybody or any guild.


With that being said, I look forward to reading each of your blogs and hope you enjoy reading mine. Good luck and have fun!


~ by caligstar on September 5, 2008.

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