A Knight’s Tale: Chapter 1

The Beginning:


The sweltering sun was beating me into the ground. The air in my lungs was being murdered by the tip of the spear. I knew time was running out, and darkness would befall these lands shortly. Crawling to a small opening near a windmill I inspected the wound. Ah, just as I thought. A clean cut, but nonetheless, blood oozed rapidly from my flesh. Fear of dying entered my mind, but I was not about to give up. If only I could reach the small town of Armia. The weakness started consuming my body.


            “Fight it! Fight it! Thou must stay awake.” I kept telling myself.


            I awoke to a horrifying sound of wolves howling in the night. The air was chilly and I knew I must have drifted into unconsciousness for hours. The pool of blood that lay beside me was a thick paste. I was growing hungry and my limbs were becoming stiff. But before I could muster enough strength to continue crawling, I noticed a peculiar shape wrestling in the brush. Wolves!!!!


            “Get back thee! I command thee to leave!” I shouted.


            Just as three wolves approached, showing their fangs, I felt as if I was drifting into unconsciousness again. Suddenly I heard the roar of tigers. Panic streaked through my body as an odd beast stood before me.


            “Good night to thee young sir”, The beast sounded.

            “Who goes there? Identify thou self,” I commanded.

            “I am Beast Master Homax,” The intruder announced. “Don’t worry lad, I am here to help thee.”


            And with his word as truth, the young Beast Master, Homax, lifted me to my feet as his tigers chased away the wolves.


            “If thou art a beast master, why do thou not command the wolves to leave?” I asked.

            “Thou art not any ordinary wolves lad. Thou art zombie wolves, controlled by the demons that rule the night”, said Homax.


            The next day I was lying in a bed, bandages strapped to my waste. I tried to sit up, but the pain wreaked havoc throughout my body.


            “Ahhhh! The pain!”, I shouted.

            “Good morning young sir”, said Homax. “I have cleaned thy wound and bandaged thy flesh”.

            “Thank you, I am in your debt good sir”, I said.

            “Nonsense, young lad”, said Homax.


            Homax was not any ordinary beast master. He was unique, but I could not understand how. The energy released from his body was overwhelming. I could sense his power was great. But his place of living was ordinary. He lived beneath a rather large tree. I was weary of the tigers and random animals that roamed throughout his space of living. But he always assured me they were friendly and would keep an eye out for me. Days passed and I was able to gain more strength, at least enough to sit up. The occasional walk was harder, but I made due with the help of all the animals. I knew that time was not on my side. I had to begin training once more to defeat my enemies once and for all.


            “Thou art not strong enough to train”, said Homax.

            “Stay out of my thoughts beast master!” I said.

            “haha If thou want to destroy thy enemies, thou will help thee”, said Homax.

            “What is thou name young lad?” said Homax.

            “Caligstar”, I said.

            “Caligstar, such a funny name. wakaka”, Homax said.

            “Grrr! How can you help me Homax?” I said.

            “Young Caligstar, thou art not ready to fight such powerful enemies. Thou is only a low-level mortal. Thou must be as strong as a God”, said Homax.


Suddenly I realized that Homax was a God, which is why he radiated such powerful energy. Homax assured me that he would train me in the art of Trans. With such power, he insisted, I would be able to defeat my enemies. And eventually ascend to God level, which would be crucial to my victory. But Homax warned that the journey would not be easy and any mistake would be fatal. Obstacles in my path were really not obstacles at all. They were illusions of the mind. And enduring these obstacles throughout my journey would determine my destiny.


~ by caligstar on September 5, 2008.

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