Brief Guide to Guilds

Guilds…Everybody has heard of them, most have seen them, but very few understand them. So what type of guild is worth your investment? That is the answer I want to address with everybody today.


Guild: An association of persons of the same trade or pursuits, formed to protect mutual interests and maintain standards.


When looking at a potential guild to invest time, money, and effort, it is important to ask yourself what it is you are seeking to gain from that investment. Is it wealth? Is it popularity? Is it power? Is it friendship? Or is it a combination of some or all of these?


          Wealth: Money is an important aspect of WYD Global. Without it, you cannot buy armor, weapons, or powders to refine your equipment. In addition, moving from town to town depends on money. Many people take into consideration the amount of wealth a guild has before deciding to join. Newly formed guilds do not have a lot of money, nor do they have a lot to give away to its members. Therefore, it is critical to find a guild with a good balance of wealth. In the long run, these types of guilds that hold some wealth will be able to protect their towns from attacking enemies because they can afford to pay their members for protection.


          Popularity: Individual popularity increases as the popularity of a guild increases. Popularity is one of the biggest driving forces for guilds. If a popular member joins a specific guild, that guild’s popularity will increase. As a result, more people will want to join that guild. However, if a guild is popular from the beginning, it could aide individuals in their quest for popularity. People begin paying attention to members of a guild a lot more if their guild is popular. Examples of popular guilds includes:


o        Shield (blue)

o        Zues (red)


          Power: Power is the center of all guild interactions. To obtain and maintain power breeds wealth and popularity. Every guild seeks power. However, it is important to find a guild that can balance power with other attributes, fore power can lead to corruption. A powerful guild is able to protect its towns/towers from attacking enemies, but it can also protect its members. If one member is getting PK’d at the alter, a powerful guild can respond with overwhelming force very quickly. In addition, if a guild is powerful, and it has the luxury of wealth, its members may enjoy an environment where weapons and armor are given to its members relatively cheap or with no cost at all. Examples of powerful guilds includes:


o        TheBalance (blue)

o        Zues (red)


          Friendship: The most important aspect of a guild is friendship. Without friendship, without that sense of loyalty, there can be no guild. Friendship is the backbone behind every guild. Friends come together, which gives them the motivation to try and be the best. Eventually a guild of friends will become powerful, which will lead to wealth. Wealth will lead to popularity. Popularity develops members and with great leadership, the cycle can continuously build.

o        United we stand, divided we fall.


I hope this gives you an idea of the types of attributes that make guilds what they are. Not all guilds possess each and every attribute listed above. But most need a combination of a few in order to sustain existence in WYD Global. I will tell you from experience that the best guilds are guilds that develop around friendship. A sense of loyalty among each other will certainly lead to power and wealth. Popularity is ultimately up to the leadership involved in the guild. But many will agree that popular guilds are ones that treat their members with respect. Guild members that are friends do not cheat each other, PK each other, or fight amongst each other. Find a guild that is friendly. And the easiest way to determine if a guild is friendly and helpful is speak to the guild’s leader. If he/she gives you the time of day in a respectful manner, consider joining them. If a guild leader ignores you, then pay no attention in joining them. First impressions are everything. And if they ignore you now, they will ignore you as a member. Your success depends on finding a guild that is friendly, powerful, and wealthy.


~ by caligstar on September 4, 2008.

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