Pictures/ Info on Leveling

Instead of immediately talking about something important from WYD Global, which I will a bit later, I thought I would share with you all pictures from my travels throughout the day. I think they are cool pictures. That crazy 9th skill: Elevation is always at work. You can see the glowing around my TransKnight as I buff and then when I go to the dungeon, poof, I am flying high! haha Another great picture is with my friend and teacher, SultanJohor from Global Academy. I will have a picture of myself and -Homax- shortly. He is also a great friend and teacher.


Aside from the pictures, I want to discuss with you all my strategy from going from level 1 to level 400. There are four main steps that I took to reach level 400.

  • Joined Global Academy
  • Attended Water N scrolls
  • Engaged in quests
  • Shared Water M (50 share)

Global Academy:

Not too long after I began playing WYD Global, I joined the Global Academy. This academy looked pretty sharp. They were friendly, answered all my questions, and helped me as much as they could. It’s definately a huge bonus to join an academy because you prevent yourself from making mistakes because you have the knowledge of so many players.

Attend Water N:

Many people don’t realize how important it is to attend water n shares. There are a lot of people that buy experience boxes during the weekends while water n is going on. This drastically increases the amount of experience you obtain. Therefore, you move up in levels fairly quickly. A week of doing water n scrolls got me to level 230+ with relatively ease.

Engage in Quests:

I didn’t realize it, but quests can level you almost quicker than water n shares. Not to mention, you also receive gold and possibly can obtain lak or ori scraps. Quests are a great way to level. In one day, I was able to level from 230s to 267 without any problem. It only took one day! However, the only problem with quests is that you run the chance of higher levels pking you. Don’t get frustrated though!

Water M Share:

Okay, so here is the bottom line with water m sharing. It definately levels you extremely fast! How fast? I went from level 267 to 353 in one share of 50 water m. I only contributed 5 water m, but the entire share was 50. There were 4 experience boxers and the experience was amazing. It was roughly 300k per kill. From 353 to 400, I did another water m share, again 50 with 3 experience boxers. Water M can level you really fast, but I warn you about one thing:

The game slows down drastically if you reach level 400 too quickly like I did. Taking the game slowly is my recommendation because it gives you plenty of time to obtain all the necessary weapons and armor you will need to turn God. If you level to 400 fast, you won’t have these items and you’ll be forced to do one of two things, buy the stuff at a high price, or waste time searching for the items yourself. In either case, it’s a drag.

Good luck leveling!


~ by caligstar on August 24, 2008.

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