Global Academy/ TransKnight

Hello everybody,

Today I want to express my thanks to the Global Academy, specifically to SultanJohor and -Homax-. Both of these fine gentlemen have displayed the characteristics of integrity, friendship, and helpfullness that all OPs should carry. With the help of -Homax- and SultanJohor, I have been able to reach the level of 400 and will soon be graduating from the Academy.


I want to briefly discuss with you all what my take of a strong TransKnight is. I know that many before me have spoken about it, but few really have grasped the idea of pure strength and stamina. Many new-comers to the game make silly mistakes that can cost them dearly in a PK match. And many veterans of the game still have setups that hinder their performance. Hopefully this will aide some of you in your quest to becoming a strong TransKnight.

  • Earring
  • Cape
  • Armor
  • Weapons
  • Stone
  • Stats

Physical Strength Earring:

One mistake most new TransKnights make is one that is relatively easy to fix. Buy yourself a physical strenth earring. You will cringe at the cost of a few mil now, but reap the rewards of having over 10,000 hp later. That’s right, you can significantly increase your hp by buying one of these earrings. Every TransKnight should have one that is +9. If yours is not +9, make it +9 immediately.


Make sure that you have the latest cape that your level can achieve and +9 immediately. Keep in mind that when you upgrade capes, you do not keep the +9 status on the current cape. Even though it seems like a waste to +9, it definately helps because of the hp boost and defense it provides at that level.


It is crucial that you have armor that has 30dmg on it (where you can). Your breastplate should be 30dmg/7.0 critical and your leggings should be 30dmg/7.0 critical. If you cannot afford this type of armor, you may substitute with 30dmg/30 def breastplate and leggings. However, I recommend the critical option. Be sure to have gloves that are 30dmg/30def. You do not need skill mastery increase gloves, as your objective is to be pure power with attack, not skills. Your boots should be 30dmg/18 skill mastery increase. If you cannot find the option of 18 skill mastery increase, 15 is okay as well because you aren’t neccesarily focusing on the skill aspect, but more on the attack aspect of the TransKnight configuration. Lastly, make sure to have a 20 def/18 attack speed increase helmet. If you cannot find one, a 50-60hp increase/18 attack speed increase helmet will work as well.

The last thing you need to do once you’ve obtained this armor is +9 immediately, as your defense will increase and so will your additional option of dmg increase.


I recommend buying any high level weapon that gives you the most dmg when it is +9. However, please keep in mind that when you turn God class, you will not be able to use any E weapons. However, if you want your mortal to be strong, I recommend these weapons. Any additional bonus of 45 and up should be on your weapon. Example: Dragon Wing Axe with a 45dmg increase bonus. Combining two of the same items will also increase your attack.


Be sure to grab the best critical stone that you can find. And +9 it immediately. Critical is important to a strong TransKnight. The higher your critical, the better.


I want to stress the importance of stat configuration. Many new TransKnights believe they need intelligence. WRONG! You need ZERO intelligence. Do not put any stat points into intelligence. Furthermore, do not put anymore than 400 into your dex. If you want people to miss you when they attack you, pump all the dex you want. But I don’t recommend it because your hp should be high anyway. If you’re pumping a lot of stat points into dex thinking you will have an attack speed that is so great that you’ll be swinging 10x faster than everybody else, you’re wrong. You can only double swing/attack once you reach 200% attack speed. Anything above is worthless as far as attacking quickly. Therefore, you only need 400 dex. Strength is important as well, but not near as important as you may think. You only need, at max, 1,000 strenth. The minimum is 900. I recommend 1,000 stat points in strenth to give an extra attack boost. The rest of your stat points should be placed into con.

By the time you are level 400, with good armor, weapons, and good additions such as stone and earring, you should have a TransKnight that has around 3,000-3,500 attack and well over 10,000 hp. Your goal is to obtain 6,000 attack and 14,000 hp.

Good luck!


~ by caligstar on August 21, 2008.

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