Possible Updates?

Over the course of a month of playing WYD Global, I have noticed a couple of disadvantages in the game. I want to discuss each one of them briefly and maybe they can be addressed in the next game update.


Two days ago I was in the desert goofing around and I noticed a player by the name of Cebban hunting. He was obviously away from his keyboard (C.C. mode). However, just as I was about to leave him, an ori powder dropped from a taron he killed. Immediately several individuals went over to the ori powder to try and loot Cebban. Very unfortunate, as that is exactly what happened, that he was looted. But it made me think further why his ori powder was not immediately placed into his inventory. The obvious answer was that he did not have any room.

Therefore, I suggest the following. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to choose what you want to be placed in your inventory when attacking mobs? Imagine clicking C.C. mode and choosing that you only want ori scraps and ticket quests to be placed in your inventory while you are away from keyboard. Armor, weapons, and everything else would fall to the ground. Now imagine selecting ori powder as the only thing you want placed in your inventory while you are away from keyboard. This option would be a great addition to the game. That way you could cut back on being looted and also not have to worry about losing good items for crappy ones that constantly fill up your inventory.

Auto Attack/ C.C. Mode:

Last week, when I was still a low level TransKnight, I wandered into the Dungeon level 2 to hunt. I entered an area of the dungeon where fire golems and dragons lurked. I placed my TransKnight on C.C. mode and began attacking fire golems. The fire golems were not hitting me for very much dmg, only 6 dmg per hit. However, the dragons were hitting me for roughly 179 dmg per hit. But I noticed a fatal flaw in the C.C. mode option. Obviously I want to kill the dragon first because it hits me for the most dmg. However, when you have C.C. mode on and you’re attacking a specific mob, lets say the dragon, and a fire golem walks toward you and hits you, your character will automatically begin attacking the fire golem. Even though you were attacking the dragon first, your character will switch and begin attacking the mob that recently attacks you.

This leaves for some disappointing hunts, and here is why. If I am attacking the dragon that hits me for 179 dmg and a fire golem starts hitting me too, when my character shifts to the fire golem, I’m still being attacked by the dragon. It may take me 15 seconds to kill the fire golem. Meanwhile, during that 15 seconds of attacking the fire golem, so that I can kill it and resume attacking the dragon, I have lost over 500 hp. If you have low hp, you might be dead, or very close to it.

What I suggest is altering C.C. mode so that when you begin attacking one mob, you don’t attack another one until the one you’re currently attacking is completely dead; even if another mob begins attacking you.


~ by caligstar on August 20, 2008.

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